The Cloud's Future Lies In Stopping Hackers, Says Xbox COO



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No matter how hard they try there will always be hackers out there smarter than they are. Companies would have to constantly be purchasing the latest software and hardware to keep the best security against hackers and we all know how long it takes for the average company to update tech.



is anyone else out there at all curious that microsoft, one of the biggest companies, has not been hacked. hmm.. strange...I cant be the only one to wonder why...



I am all for not using one password everywhere, but I have no intention of juggling a plethora of distinct logins. I can probably think of 2 or 3 services which I have forgoten my login info for, because I have not logged in in a while, and they aren't services that need to be watched like a toddler.



i just checked and ALOT of the xbox live features are unavailable right now. you can still chat and play games but the marketplace is down. maybe they should have kept their mouths shut. hopefully this isnt the case though



edit #3: the marketplace is back up now. it was down for just a few minutes it seems like a couple of weeks ago



itunes... you mean that evil program/bloatware/software that never works?

Anyways, I bet secretly, Microsoft's glad about all this. after all, I don't really think it would be a good idea to hack Microsoft...



If companies want consumers to migrate to the cloud in droves, they need to make the virtual environment feel secure.

NOT GOOD ENOUGH!! An environment's feeling is only skin deep. It needs to be secure, not feel secure. If it's not actually secure, we're back at square zero.



It doesn't matter if the program is ACTUALLY secure to the consumer, if it doesn't FEEL secure they won't pay for it. That's the point.

But no, your empty rage is good too.



I agree. This is why lulzsec is doing us a favor. They are 'laughing at our security' and making us more cautious about things we do online and making companies actually secure their stuff.



Well said.

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