Clearwire Sued Over Poor Network Performance



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I've had Clearwire for about 6 years, and I can't count how many times, I've had these issues.  Even before the upgrade to the new WiMAX.  With the upgrade it was the same as when I first signed up.  Never a problem, out side of having a couple modems go bad, which they replaced with out a problem.  Since the upgrade, it's been a constant struggle.  I am less than a quarter mile from the tower, and on the edge of town.  On a good day it works as it should.  A run should the 5mbit connection I am paying for.  The first I noticed the throttling, the tech told me to stay off the internet, period, for 24-48 hours.  My god.  A few days later I called back, and pressed the question of a cap.  The tech didn't want to answer, but finally admitted to one, but refused to tell me what it was.  And they had near doubled my mothly charge, which I was never notified of an increase.  I did get a small re-imbursement, but not back to what I was paying.  Nice, for a free upgrade.  Still fighting that one.  A further call to what they call their actual "Network Techs" netting me nothing more than basically, it's crap.  They have a Network Management system in play, that certain techs will admit to it having a cap, but will not tell you what it is.  If I knew what it was, I could monitor myself before getting seriously pissed off.  They won't tell a time frame for becoming "Unmanaged".  I asked one tech "So basically I'm screwed?"  His answer, I swear to god, and I reported this was "Yes".  Nice, very nice.





Let us not forget that the FCC just got their proverbial teeth kicked in by carriers like Comcast when they tried to regulate the very same thing. To that point, the FCC is trying to reclassify ISP's to further the regulation tact.

Nothing new or even uncommon here and Clearwire is doing the same thing that all carriers do. However at least they do not add a cap and then still table your performance.

Someone said in an earlier post that CLEAR starts doing this after only a small bit of data, this is a false statement. I am a current customer and I used well over 10GB or more a month and do not have any issue. However, I am very much aware of other people who are downloading and uploading almost non-stop that are being tabled. Honestly? If it was my company, and the usage could slow down the overall performance of my network for my customers as a whole, I would probably be doing the same thing.

Did I mention that if you go to any other carrier(s) and download and upload non-stop you will get your usage tabled or turned down also?



Nothing new or even uncommon here and Clearwire is doing the same thing that all carriers do


Other than the fact they lie through their teeth about it.  They made it a point in their advertising that they do not cap or throttle, then they turn around and do just that.



Got a friend who's using Clearwire at the moment and is part of the class action lawsuit. From what he's told me, there's more to it than simple 'false advertising'. Recently Clearwire has made contract and policy changes without giving any notice to its customers of the change, as well as keeping the new contract and policy clandestine on their site (a lotta clicks to get to it). The changes also impede further on customers, so it's no wonder people are in an uproar about it.

Also, to add to the false advertising, on their 'unlimited' plan, they will throttle bandwidth way below even lowest tier plans if you use even so much as a couple GB a month (cumulative). Their excuse, as he claimed, was that you are 'soaking it all up and preventing anyone else using it'.



I've been debating this for quite some time now myself.  Mediacom advertises 12Mbps downloads but I average between 4-5Mbps and track it as well.  On some days, mainly fridays, it falls to what seems like dial-up speeds.  Once this happens our HD channels begin pixelating and analog channel are fuzzy.  At this point it's not even worth it to watch TV or be on the internet.  My neighbors have dropped their service to the 3Mbps package and went with DTV for TV service because of the same issues.  I've had their techs come out on many occasions but they come when I can't be there and when the girls are home.  Of course they have no clue as to what I'm talking about.  Needless to say the tech reported me to Mediacom for supposedly reporting false problems even though I showed him my data.  Any other MC customers want to team up to do it?



Often times phone and cable companies are the only ones in a paticular zone, so they jack the prices up then throttle the speeds as they continue add customers to an exsisting landline/phoneline. They are practicing false advertising scemes because they will not advertise bandwidth limit nor throttling practices. There should be a law in place that would at least require all communications companies to advertise such practices. Not small text on the bottom of the screen or in some oblong spot on an ad paper. Getting half or less the speed you paid for is a rip-off considering you are paying top dollar. Throttling should never exceed 20% and bandwidth limits are ridiculous. You might as well have dial-up if you are going to be slowed down to that speed in the middle of the month or sooner. I myself am blessed enough to have phone company where I live that does not throttle or limit bandwidth.



I've got Centurylink, too. I like their customer support, but their offers are still too high.



The problem with this being that our Fearless Leaders in Congress have made it clear that they WANT telecoms/ISPs to be able to do exactly this, going so far as to try to pass laws to prevent the FCC from enfocing any kind of regulation of traffic control.

So unless these users can successfully sue on the gounds of false advertising (good luck when all the ads have the "your milage mage vary" asterisk) this will go exactly nowhere in the courts.



With AT&T being the #2 political donor (source) in America, why is anyone surprised when they get their way?

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