Class Action Lawsuit Accuses AT&T of Overbilling



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in the entire time I've had an iPhone, I've never been billed for any overages, and I've used my iPhone to download in excess of 10GB in some months..  Oh wait, I paid the $30 for the unlimited plan.

I think there are two obvious morals to take away from this story:  1) Don't be cheap, get the unlimited plan. and 2) Don't be a thief, or you'll get caught sooner or later.



During evaluation/negotiation of a LARGE (1000+ line) contract with AT&T, we quoted our daily data usage to be less than 100K in uploads for FTP traffic for a data solution used with each of the lines of service.

With roughly 23 business days in a month, our data usage should EASILY fit under 5MB... so they quoted us a 10MB monthly plan just to be safe.

We then monitored one session with a line trace ... and proved that AT&T was NOT accurately calculating our data use.  Some data sessions showed an overstatement of data transmitted by as much as a factor of 10!.  (Our FTP log file showed total of about 27KB xmit/recvd, with ATT's logs showing roughly 200K.  FTP data transfers are not bloated with overhead... and ATT's engineers could not explain why the network was reporting such an overage... they quickly pushed the issue aside and adjusted the limits of our data plan.

I'd say that this could be a valid lawsuit.



Vengful Teapot

"We have only recently learned of the complaint, but I can tell you we plan to defend ourselves vigorously"

No Suprise here you will find most thieves will defend themselves vigorously.

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