Citigroup: Hackers Swiped Credit Card Data from 200,000 Accounts



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See, EVERYTHING can be hacked. Doesn't matter if it's Sony or a bank, or Lockhed Martin. 



it's true, really. anything can be hacked. I read on a blog at a site on credit card processing that people can steal information from merchants quite easily. in fact, it's a wonder that it isn't done more often. i think making payment through paypal is great and all, but i seriously do not trust them to go up to bat for me for a few thousand dollars. though it's a lot for me, it's diddly squat for them.



looking at the bigger picture : If "any" company wants me to use "CLOUD" anything I would have to see signifant strides in online security. I was a victim in PSN hack, now citigroup. Google's been recently penetrated again, hotmail etc.. all have had data breaches. So I ask myself where is my data safest? In my home on my external HDD. This newly revived hacker era is reminding me to take extra precaution with my online dealings.



We share similar concerns! I had my identity stolen a few years ago and it's been hell getting my financial life back on track. I just don't feel safe using or storing my information online. Once you've been through the hell of dealing with banks that don't give a &$*% about getting your money back to you, or the efforts on repairing your credit, you'll think twice too!



I'm not singling out Paul here but I think if the media stopped giving these idiots air time (or HTML time as it were), it would make it a little less attractive to do this crap. It's like the idiot that runs out on the field during a baseball game... the cameras turn away and don't give the idiot the satisfaction of being on TV. Same thing thing here.



While some no doubt do it for attention, you can bet those credit card numbers will end up being sold on the underground market.



oh absolutely. I know there is financial gain for them outside of the notoriety...

And I give you mad props, Paul. You are the hardest working man in journalism! You give us MPC readers lots of articles to get our tech fixes :)

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