Citigroup: Hackers Stole $2.7 Million from 3,400 Accounts



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Didn't Anonymous admit to hacking Citi bank during the time this happened? They were so busy "protecting our rights" and all.



"Customers are not liable for any fraud on the accounts and are 100 percent protected," Citigroup said."

He left off the part that the other customers who didn't get hacked will be paying for those lost millions through high interest rates on their cards.



The FDIC might cover most of it.



You said it someuid,


Company won't take the hit for their own stupidity or lack of security.  Just pass it on as a cost of doing business.  As far as someone who said insurance.... They pay premiums. If those premiums go up isn't that the same thing when they pass it on to the entire customer base?


Honestly, I'm sick and tired of stores that don't even ask you for ID any more ... or ask to see the card.... or what ever.  One of these days I'm going to find some shady crook that can "MAKE" a credit card... have him make a plain white card with no letters or text on it.. then I"m going to use that for purchases all around ... Stores don't care... If there's fraud.. raise the prices of their goods and keep on truckin.





Have you heard of insurance John? Insurance? Have you heard of insurance?

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