Cisco Survey: Internet is a Necessity, Just Like Water, Food, Air, and Shelter



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Holly Golightly

Ugh, I hate the fact I am always on the internet. I am always here. I miss the times when I used to go to my nieghbor's home and just have real fun. Now they too, are on the internet. The world feels a bit anti-social because of the internet. The slightest moment I am bored, I am on the internet. I hardly get a desire to play a videogame, or read a book. So, with that said, I would love it if I was forced not to have the internet... Because if I were given a choice, I would zombie right back to it. I can totally survive without the internet... And would love to stop using the internet all together. But man. It is tough. A bad habit. I would say, much worst than smoking and drinking combined.



The Internet has become a necessity in the way that other utilities are a necessity.  Gas, Electricity, water, etc...

We are far away from the days where Internet Access was a hobby, nicity, or just a cool thing to have.  Hell, you can't even communicate with some companies without the internet these days.

IMHO, Internet Access has become a critical Utility and should be reguilated like all other Utilities.



shun the non-believers



I love the internet, but I don't need it. I think...



Let's see... Without water, food, or air, I die. Without shelter, life becomes very difficult, and in certain conditions might lead to my demise. These things are necessary to my life, with shelter at least necessary to civilization.

Without the Internet, I am very sad, more disconnected, and unable to obtain large quantities of information very quickly. Of course, the world runs off of the Internet now, so if it suddenly disappeared, there would be a big hiccup in supply chains. However, had it never existed, life would still continue. The same is not true of the others.

Thus, the Internet is extremely important to the world in which we live in today, and one must depend on it to succeed in any real sense. It should be considered a basic human right for modern times. However, it is not a necessity, as we could easily survive in its absense (and did for a very, very long time before its invention).




Perfectly said what I wanted to.



Well said. Heck, even most employment applications are online. Which makes it harder to find a job, if you don't have the internet. But, as you said, had it never been invented, we would simply go back to paper applications. There would be a hiccup...but all would be fine in the end. 



Seriously? Perhaps I am just old fashioned but I was raised where things like food, water and toilet was more important than internet. I am shocked! Well, maybe not that shocked. But still pretty shocked,



You would be even more shocked if I told you that someone tried to have it declared as a basic human right at the United Nations!

Oh the insanity!



It's not a human right to use it to screw around.  it is a human right as a sourceof connectedness and information.  taking it away from only one group would be like burning all the books and banning free speech 50 yrs ago.



honestly i feel like the numbers should be higher.  people dont realize how often the depend on the internet for many things.  people taking this survey probably didnt think too hard on this question



I actually find this sad. Very sad. I'm going to rue the day when I have kids and I can't go anywhere on vacation because they "need" the internet. I'm about as much as an internet denizen as anyone else but damn, I can at least go without it for a while if needed.



You can go without food for a while if needed.

You can go without water for a while if needed

You can go without air for a while if needed.


It's merely a matter of the length of time.

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