Cisco to Slash 15 Percent of Workforce, Sell Factory to Foxconn



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I read story after story after story here about how companies are slashing their workforces, how thousands of people will be out of work, etc.

How 'bout reporting on companies that are growing and doing lots of hiring? Do they exist at all these days, or is the world coming to and end like you would have us believe?



I'd be interested in that too.  Maybe a job down the road..



Between China & Taiwan they will own everything in America. Why do these companies think its OK to sell America to Asia? Its a shame, China is laughing at the US. Why dont we just give the leadership to those people.



I hate to interrupt your soapboxing, but this is a factory located in Mexico. You also don't appear to understand the difference between Taiwan and China.




Are you that thickheaded that you don't see what China is doing? They are buying up everything American to own us & we are letting them. But I guess you are sooo smart you can't see that.

We have 60-70% dropout rate in the inter-city schools, what will these kids do to support themselves. Years ago you could drop out & learn a trade. But with Asia & Mexico taking all skilled trade jobs, they will live off the government, which it's now going broke.  So instead of calling names & pushing options aside, why don't you open you eyes, look around. There is no America Dream anymore! 


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