Cisco Sees Holograms Becoming Commonplace in Next Decade



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Maybe the CEO of Cisco should be thinking about getting their craptacular products to work properly before dreaming about teh holagramz omg.  Seriously.  Thank you for years of race-to-the-bottom gear folks!


Keith E. Whisman

I also want to built a full size working R2D2 with a laptop brain and a freaking hologram. I've already been thinking about how to do it. It'll have to display above R2's dome because you have to release a gas spray that will reflect the visible image. That's do'able now. 


Keith E. Whisman

What would have made the 2008 hologram thing awesome and epic would have been if they required everyone that went on the hologram to wear a dark brown or black hooded robe and talk with a gravely voice, and mention "the dark side" every couple minutes or so. 

I mean when Holograms become common place I'll be wearing a bad ass dark side robe, you can count on it, and you can blame George Lucas for that.



Commonplace? I'll believe it when someone creates a working, "high resolution" prototype within the next two.

And it better run Crysis.

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