Circuit City's Liquidation "Sale" Still a Rip Off



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Me and 34,000 other people are losing our jobs and all you can do is complain that its a ripoff for the liquidation... were not even circuit city anymore we are manned by dumbass Liquidation idiots, if you retards shopped with us when we had better prices and sales we wouldnt be going out of business.


So shut up and deal with the prices.





you NEVER had better prices.




And Buys Buy was always next dore with prices and customer service that beat you with both hands tied behind their back and blind folded.



We always had our unbeatable price garuntee, if they had it lower or you bought it and our price dropped, 60 days for tv and 30 for everything else, we matched it and beat it by 10% of the difference,

And yes we had better prices then this damned liquidation, as stated the f holes who are running it now control the pricing to make their pockets filled.


Im sorry if you never had customer service from CC, but might have been one of our retarded stores, I wont speak as for the entire company being great but my store and almost all in the nw region were good at customer service.


Just irks me that people shop and people buy at these prices then complain that Circuit city is ripping them off, its the Liquidation company not us. They litterally removed all of these.




we cant do stock checks from our store or other stores over the phone or in store

we cant do price checks over the phone

the disabled all registers except the front 2.

and pretty much told them if they have a problem, leave, (which I dont do cause well thats freeking retarded)

they could hire chimps at a fraction of the cost to do the liquidation.


So dont blame Circuit City cause some nutjobs bought us to liquidate us.


We had better pricing, better sales, better returns, better everything in our region.

(and ill admit there are some bad best buys out there and some good ones, just like CC)

I am not here to say whos better just to understand about pricing, I hate it as much as you do.



(on a side note true story.)

A customer was complaining that a speaker system they bought was broken when they got home and tried to plug it in, they came back asked for an exchange, we appologized and said no we cannot do that due to the liquidation ((they took away our returns trucks too)), that he has to go through the manufacturer, he said okay and went home and tried to contact them, they said take it back to the store theres nothing we can do for you.... upset the guy returned to the store and said its what the manufacturer said to do, the Liquidation manager (a hole), said no sorry youll have to deal with it, when the guy got upset and refused to leave with out a return or exchange, the liquidation manager called the cops had his removed from premisis in cuffs and a police car.

Now thats a lack of customer service...


if you feel like ranting some more, go ahead I wont be back.



Were being scammed too, no "deals" no real liquidation.  but it's early yet.  Just wait.



THERE ARE ONLY 11 TYPES OF PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD. Those that think binary jokes are funny, those that don't, and those that don't know binary



I was just at my local CC in Lynnwood, WA. As I was walking through the store and checking stuff out, I quickly thought to myself, jeez, their advertised 10%- 30% off, going out of business sale has most prices STILL higher than the competition does.

I've always thought CC was way overpriced, of course they ended up going out of business. When Best Buy is right next door how would any reasonable business expect to ever sell anything when the average difference between their competition's prices, on high-end items, would commonly be $100 or even more.




Darth Ninja

Who still shops at brick and motar stores anyway?
The only time I've ever bought anything eletronics related from a non-online store is when I needed it "Now" or in some cases, "Yesterday" like when my power supply or graphics card decided to take a dirt nap.

 Newegg all the way :P





I love Newegg for its wide selection, but sadly those of us in California have to pay sales tax for Newegg orders. Add shipping to that, and I can sometimes get common items for the same price or less at Fry's.

But back to the point... Circuit City is about the last place I think of for computer equipment. As for electronics, I bought my HDTV from Amazon. :)




I actually did get a really good deal on a high-end tv when the local Circuit City started doing it's death rattle way back in November and I STILL haven't seen a better sale price for a comparable model at Best Buy or any other store (but I have since seen a few online that beat mine by about $100 and one of those had free shipping).  DVD's and CD's were also marked down a few bucks cheaper than elsewhere.


But true to what has been said here - the "original" price was suspiciously (often laughably) high and there were definitely no good deals that I saw on the computer side.


Bottom line: don't buy the hype.  Do your research.



No Deals at my CC. I agree with the article. They are going back to their MSRP and then marking down from there.

Give it a month or two.



My Circuit city was still selling most of the PC games for $50 long after others marked them down to $30. The Orange Box was $50 in December when it was $30 or cheaper everywhere else. If it isn't in thier weekly add it isn't going to be worth going in. I went in last year when they had WoW time cards for $20 vs the normal $30 and the clerk(teenager with a nametag) told me "Uh I don't know I guess they are all gone. That's wierd we usually have a couple right here." I don't think he was aware of the sale or how to offer a rain check. Unless I have to visit other shops in the area I won't be making a special trip to CC. I am sorry for all the people at the bottom of the pyramid who are losing thier jobs because a few greedies at the top couldn't do thier job right. The worst part is they are the ones who can afford to take time off before they are offered 6 figure jobs running other corps into the ground.






I was excited to see a big "50% OFF ALL CAMERA ITEMS" sign right above the racks of memory cards and batteries. I searched to find a spare battery for my Nikon D80, only to find one priced at $49 -- marked down 50% from $70! Now, I'm no math whiz but that just didn't add up too cleanly in my head. I put that thing down and walked right out the front door.

Good riddance, CC (and retail in general).



it's that new math don'cha know



Yeah, this sounds about right. I went to a local Virgin record store a few weeks ago when it was going out of business. It had some marked off sales items (50% off) that were inflated 200% before the mark down. I laughed at the obvious attempt to swindle, but surprisingly enough I saw many people holding onto stacked CDs for purchase. All I can say is that that the Virgin store as well as Circuit City deserves to go out of business. Even at normal times, their prices were way out of competition. Good bye, we won't miss you.



CompUSA did the same thing in the San Diego area. I checked my local CircuitCity and it was a rip off. $249 for a 1 TB HDD? Went across the street to my local Office Depot and got the same one for $119.

No wonder Circuit City is going out of bidness; it was overpriced crap then, it's overpriced crap now. Good riddance. Don’t let the door slam you in the arse on the way out.



Yeah, I went to my local Circuit City last week. I was looking at their netbooks to see if I could get a good deal on one, and both the MSI Wind and Acer Aspire One were marked "down" 20% to $399. Made me laugh. I never go to electronics stores anymore, I can get everything from Newegg or ZipZoomFly where things are cheaper, and they don't treat me like a criminal after I give them a large bundle of cash. Circuit City, Best Buy, Fry's; they're all the same rip off. They never have the computer parts I want either.

- If I ever become famous, I'm changing my name to a string of expletives so I can watch newspeople struggle when they talk about me.



I was frankly happy to wait unti later on--when Circuit City feels the cold hand of death on it's throat that is sells everything because the staff is too expensive and they need to cut every possible product out with a rusty blade.


Oh yeah, the pickings will be sweet, but no one in their right might tries to get in on the first shot with this stuff.



Was at Circuit City over the weekend and found the Logitech Marble Mouse "marked down" to $16 ... so I went to buy two of them (home and office).  Got up the register, and the price came up at $26.  I told the cashier that they were marked at the shelf at $16.  Their response, "It must be mismarked .. we can't control that."  The mark down price was clearly in front of the right mouse.  The entire display of mice were marked down and all the tags were marked and lined up.  Oh well ... only got one at $26 .. which is about what I would have paid online with shipping.  A nationwide chain office supply business is also closing a store around here.  The prices were not that great there either.  Especially after a few weeks of being marked down 2 or 3 times.  It was amusing looking at the "Clearance" tag with the line printed on it "Final Price - no further reductions" ... yet the price was crossed out 2 times and lowered.  



So whats the point of the " S A L E " word?

its a rip-off actually making people believe they got a real bargain...



This is typical liquidation broker tactics.  We've had several large retail stores go out of business in our area and they all did the same thing.  The companies they hire to do the liquidation have complete control, and they're not above using a few underhanded tricks to get you to buy things.  Don't bother with liquidation sales until the final week.



No wonder they went out of business.  All sales are final too, so be sure of anything there before you buy it.  They also damaged my car when installing a car stereo.  Though I am no Circuit City fan, this gives no major competition to Best Buy, and their prices may go up, and their service go even lower.




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