Circuit City is No More



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Its about time...



I live in Illinois and all the circuit citys near me sucked, plus I have a Fry's like 20 min from me and 3 or more  best buys within  5-15 min, so why has circuit city been around all thes extra years? how did they survive as long as they did, esp. with there extremely limited selection... WT#!....


Keith E. Whisman

They got into the business of rapid expansion. I'm surprised Best Buy hasn't gone out of business too. Best Buy, Circuit City, WalMart, Mervins and a whole bunch of other retailers were building large outdoor strip malls all over the country and they expanded too fast and couldn't afford it and now they are closing their doors. WalMart and surprisingly enough WalGreens are still alive along with Best Buy and I know know why Best Buy is still around. 



I agree that Circuit City won't be missed, but like any other place if you read the weekly sale flyer, you can find a good deal now and then.  I've bought many things from CC, but only when it was in the sale ad and it was at least comparable to Amazon/, etc.  It's not like Best Buy is now magically going to jack up their prices because they'll have no competition.

As for the post about Fry's and Microcenter, I know Californians are more fortunate, but only in the LA and San Jose areas really.  Plus, there are Fry's and Microcenters all over the US now (in select major metro areas). They are both wonderful stores, but I have to say the same rules apply.  Do the research and know the prices before you go.  Even something in the sale ad could be overpriced.  I've seen MANY things in the daily Fry's ad that were regular price.  They just put it in the ad to call your attention to it.



Reagarding linkmaster's post about The Source (formerly owned by CC, prior to that they were RadioShack).

It's true that Bell Canada bought out the chain, as far as I understand, it will operate independantly of Bell Canada, but will feature Bell's product lines in their stores. I'm not sure about Rogers getting the boot however as they signed a pretty lucrative deal with The Source and I doubt they're willing to get rid of a juicy bit of money soon.

- mike_art03a
IT Technician
Gov't of Canada



Rogers has a deal with the Source until the end of the year, after that I doubt Bell will keep selling their products at the Source or Starchoice satellite systems either...



Awww man!@#$% I hid a CoDWaW and a Logitech Cam on some printer shelf to wait for 40% or above. I guess it was too late and somebody found it. One thing I don't get is all these customers not doing their price-research and buying stuff with discounts as low as 10% when the prices were obviously JACKED UP! O well, I'm satisfied with my brand new, Crysis for $15 which i bought last week (yep, go ahead and laugh at me for just havin to own one lol)


...and what does this have to do with porn?



darn, triple post! is this a IE thing or some sort!?@#$^ i usually use Firefox and this never happens to me. I guess there's a 1st for everything.



darn, double post!



CCwas always dark and depressing in contrast to BB. I purchased a Compaq computer in '95 and since have tried to avoid shopping there.

Like everyone else said, good riddance



I don't think it was ever about trying to save Circuit City, it was about liquidating assets.



WHAT?! No bailout money to save those jobs? Let the governmet run the store. Can't be any worse than before.



I don't know if you joking or not but letting the government take over our banks and business' is a bad idea.  If this does come a reality we can all say good by to Democracy.



Last time I checked we don't live in a democracy. But a Republic. but soon it will be the USSA Thanks Obama.

p.s That was sarcasm.



Good Riddance!

They were a shlock outfit.  No better than Compusa-retail, so it's a fitting end.  Their pricing was always suspect, even prior to upheaval...Best Buy ate their lunch!  With so much being available on the internet for the savvy computer hardware seeker...the days of retail brick and mortar are numbered anyhow, unless you know how to integrate and provide what the consumer wants (Best Buy is decent at this...)...not to mention the more casual buyer of consumer electronics should be more than satisfied with Walmart, Target, Kmart and Sears.  And for us Californians, Frys and MicroCenter are great options too.

 In times like these, the weak have to go.  I'm not surprised at all by the fall of Circuit City.

And as far as BS pricing is concerned, liquidation companies do what they do b/c they know what they can get away's their business.


The Value Proposition in just about everything we know is being tested, turned upside down and recalibrated in this Year of our Lord - 2009.  Recognize that fact and benefit from it



This company deserved to die.  It was horribly mismanaged, completely uncompetitive in selection and price, and amazingly had employees that were even less helpful and informed than Best Buy.  I wholeheartedly agree with the "good riddance" comments.  The store closest to me just had its grand opening about 4 months ago.  Unbelievable.



I was living in Washington D C area in the 60's when Dixie HiFi and Saxatone tape merged and ultimatly became Circuit City. I am sad to see the old Circuit City go but I did not care for what they had become, low tech, appliances Etc. With them as well as most of the other large bricks and morter outlets gone our choices for walk in shopping is greatly reduced.

I think I will run over to MicroCenter and buy something just to support them :-)



Not sure what kind of business practices to save a company are, when your closing stores, cutting staff, and opening 3 new stores around my already too many Circuit Shotties in the area.  In one month i saw 3 stores have a Grand Opening and Going Out of Business at the same time.  Still managed to go across the street to get what i was looking for for cheaper then their "liquidation" sale. LOL.



Their "liquidation sale" was sure full of bs.  I was stuck with a gift
certificate from christmas, so had to use it before they went out of
business.  I ended up buying a g5 mouse for $10 dollars more than what
I could have got it for at newegg (with free shipping), and that was after the 10% off. 
Good Riddance



good riddance



I second that. Twice.



Goodby to the only retailer I've ever filed a BBB complaint against.



"Thanks to record shopper turnout at many of the store locations ...."

ie Tens of people...



Ciruit City went down the tubes but their parts devision in Canada was making money. InterTAN was what it was called and has been purchased by Bell. So now starview equipment is going to be removed from their inventory and Rogers is going to be booted out of the corperate stores.

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