Circuit City Might Slash Jobs by the Thousands, Close 150 Stores



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About the only things I'm willing to buy at either Best Buy or Circuit City are the occasional game and auto electronics. Got a car stereo from CC last year. Good thing I didn't bother with the lifetime warranty.



Keith E. Whisman

I guess that besides Wal-Mart and Fry's ellectronics we aren't going to have much of a black friday this year. Perhaps will compensate with it's I forget that these stores and malls and markets are made up of people trying to earn an honest living and they have to starve to satisfy my need for an excellent deal.



My local Circuit City has actually built a new store and they're moving from the old one. I wonder how long that big expensive store is going to last.



That may be true but Bestbuy or circuit city buys their product off manufacturers in full price and sell em for discounted price. Both companies make large portion of their profit margin thru accessories and the rest in services.



Circuit City isn't that great, and Best Buy is the devil. I rarely if ever go to these stores for any type of electronics purchase. I always go to Newegg. They jack the prices up so much it's crazy. My friend used to work at Best Buy. He bought a arm pad for $7 when it was supposed to be $15-he got the discount. How much did Best Buy pay to get it? $5. $10+? Where's the reasoning behind that? I know they need income, but that's way too much.



The cheapest HDMI cable they have is $30!  The markup is insane.  If you want the over-priced Monster version it's $70.  For an HDMI cable.  That's just sick. 

(short)Circuit City's being good or evil, I'm not going to call it - the only thing that resonates is that it's too bad that folks have to lose jobs, heaven knows there's enough of that going around already.

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