Chrysler Plans to Turn the Car Into a Hot Spot



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Sorry, but I gotta be snarky here...

You (and the writer of the Times article too, at least on first read) make it sound like I can't get Internet in my car already.

Yes, mobile broadband requires subscription to a seperate (pricey, depending on your opinion) service and dedicated hardware vs. this using the same hardware your laptop would use to connect to your home network.

But for the concerns brought up, I'm not sure it matters.  Those folks that need to be on the Internet every waking moment of their lives already have an option that would allow them to become reckless maniacs on the road.  Unless there's statistics out proving the contrary, I'm reasonably confident that hasn't been a total disaster.  This is just another alternative.



It sounds like it would be great for picnics, tailgating and camping (drive-up state campground style, obviously not backpacking so much).

So here are some questions:

Does the WiFi extend to a small area around the minivan? How is it actually connected to the internet? Satellite? Does that mean the upload speeds are crappy?

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