Chrysler Concept Has Built-In Computer With iPhone-Style Touchscreen



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Andrew D.

"Obvious inspiration by Apple"? It's not like Apple invented the touch screen. Having a touch screen in the car is nice though



I think a better title would have been:


Chrysler Concept Has Built-In Computer With STAR TREK-Style Touchscreen.



Who in their right mind thinks that a touch screen display in a car is a GOOD idea??!!?!  Car controls should be tactile and so unmistakable that you should be able to set the temperature, change the radio, and adjust your seat without taking your eyes off the road.  Gimme a 1950s radio with two giant knobs.  Or, mount the touch screen in the passenger seat so your copilot can enjoy it (and quit playing with the sunroof!).

I like the idea of a smartphone as your key.  It's a great feeling with RFID keys to just walk up to your car and have it open for you.



Just what we need, more distracted drivers. "Oh gee officer, I was just trying to change my music track and my eyes and hand were only off the road for a minute." Is this really a good idea when most states have hands free cell phones laws?



Here's a device or a new gadget and it has iPhone -style touchscreen capabilities? Since when has anything with touchscreen suddenly become iPhone related?


Do you MaxPC guys actually speak like this? "Hey Will, check out my iPod-style MP3 player. It features playlists and music playing capabilities similiar to the iPods." 



AFAICT, the touchscreen is multi-touch, and AFAIK, the ipod/iphone is currently about the only well known device that does that (my tablet laptop (HP tx2512) supposedly has the hardware capability, but no software available to use it, though windows 7 is supposed to support it), so the analogy is reasonable.




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