Chrome's Hidden Password Feature is ****ed



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I never even thought of copying and pasting passwords. Like the person right below me (unless someone sneaks a comment in while I'm typing this), I don't see how this matters. The only way someone could get that password in that manner is if they had physical access to my machine, in which case they can get a lot more than my password. Hell, they could copy my whole hard drive to an external one.


The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.



I'm not getting how this is such a big deal. Anyone that's really after my personal data and is sitting at my computer is going to get my data no matter how secure the browser is, no matter what precautions I take. If the physical security of the machine is compromised, it's just a matter of time. Besides, has anyone noticed that in Firefox, you can just click the button that says "Show Passwords," and it'll show you every password for every site that you have saved. So someone sitting at my computer that clicks that button knows every site that I go to (even if they don't show the passwords for them), and assuming they compromise the one master password, now has access to all of them. I guess I just don't see it as a glaring exploit if you have to me in front of my personal computer to do it.



Ever hear of a drive-by hack? Ever hear of phishing sites? Ever hear of viruses? Ever hear of Maleware? Guess not. Thats probably why your SS# is on the black market.



I like how you just threw a bunch of scary sounding terms out there without actually addressing the guy's point.  Well argued sir.  Well argued.

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