Is Chrome Set To Dethrone Firefox?



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I can't stand Chrome's interface. It just feels to miniscule for me and I don't like all the "usual" things missing. I have to use it at work because we switched to Gmail and Google apps and it took me a while just to figure out how to do basic functions like adding bookmarks or deleting cookies. Sometimes different is good, but not in this case.



Tried Chrome a couple of times, but for all the bloat / endless version updates of Firefox, I'm still with it. Maybe get me AdBlock Plus and, almost more importantly, Tab Mix Plus extensions and I'll reconsider.

I've heard that the Chromeplus browser has Tab Mix features built-in, but with it being an independent fork of Chrome, I'm hesitant about how often it keeps up with security updates.


Svetty Parabols

I use Chrome because Google doesn't have enough of my data and web browsing habits just yet.



I use both but in my opinion Firefox is still my favorite. Chrome is marginally faster and I don't see much difference. In the end I don't like how Chrome does things overall and is too striped down for me. Not to mention the Google empire is starting to resemble Microsoft but things are changing.



ive been using Chrome since day one, tho i keep checking the others to see if theyve improved.  i love the simpleness and speed of Chrome, but so must the folks that work on Opera, Safari, IE and FF, since theyre more Chrome like with each update.



I have not tried Chrome. I do like Firefox as my default. I tried Opera for awhile but was experiencing extreme stuttering in browsing after 15 or 20 minutes. I use IE9 as my secondary browser. If I find the need for a third browser, I may try Chrome as I detest Apple (Safari) more than I want to avoid Google.



Until Chrome drops the stupid notion they don't need a master password, Firefox has nothing to worry about. Opera desktop has a master password, but as for extensions comparable to FF, there simply aren't any. So Opera has no chance of rising to the top either.



I have to agree.  Chrome is missing a few major features.  Foremost among them is Adblock Plus and Noscript, but also very important is a secure password vault.

an integrated e-mail and calender application (read: thunderbird), or at least one with a matching interface (like we have now) would go a long way toward easing migration pains as well.

Admittedly Mozilla falls short of perfect with their Master Password security device, failing to provide an integrated Mozilla Password Vault, and failing to properly re-lock it when the screen saver is activated or the user locks the account.



Two names keep me using Firefox:  NoScript and Adblock Plus.  Yes, ABP is available in Chrome, but it just doesn't work the same - I don't have the fine control over what elements to view or block.  Also, there simply isn't something comparable to NoScript that I know of...

I think that's Firefox's appeal is that I can customize it to work exactly the way I want it to.  With version 7, I'm seeing evidence that they're finally nailing down the 800-pound gorilla of long-standing bugs - the memory usage/leak problems.  So far, I've seen memory usage stay steady.  Subjectively, FF7 feels faster overall, especially on page loads and running Flash code.

I do have all the major browsers installed (FF7, Chrome, IE9, and Opera), just to cover my bases, but FF7 is the one that sees the majority of use.



Was a diehard Firefox user till early this year. Switched to Chrome and haven't looked back. I left FF due to the amount of memory it was taking and the slow load times but it looks like the tables have turned with the latest FF release. Now Chrome is looking a little bloated. IE has gotten better since they release IE7 but i still don't use it and opt for IE tab with in Chrome when I need to access a corporate site that requires it. Opera has just never put out a product that keeps my intrest. 



Been using Firefox for almost a's still my favorite. Now if the mobile and tablet versions were as good as the desktop version I would use those too.


I've tried Chrome(desktop) and it's ok, but crashes and just doesn't have the extensions I use. Now the Honeycomb browser....which is 9/10'ths Chrome is a HORRIABLE MESS. Force close for no reason, Flash is STILL a joke(then again who still uses flash?!?) and it's not customizable. I'm kinda stuck with it though as it's the only tablet browser that I can set to default to desktop UI string.



It just might be to be honest. Mozilla has gotten really negligent since they've adopted this rapid release schedule. I had flash stability problems with FF 6.0 (fixed with 6.1). With FF 7.0 the browser would now freeze on me when I have two or more flash videos loading/playing.


With that said I still like FF as I've been using it since FF 2.x. I have Chrome for quick page launches and IE for those legacy sites (typically company logon sites).



I used Firefox for the longest time but when Firefox just recently changed their layout, I thought "If they're just going to copy Chrome, why don't I just use Chrome?"  Now I'm pretty solidly behind Chrome.  There are just some features that you can't get on Firefox no matter the extentions.  The main one being startup time; as soon as I click the Chrome icon on my Quicklaunch, it's up instantly.  Firefox always takes a few seconds.  Another is the peeling off of tabs is a lot smoother.  I also like that it update and installs in the background when the browser is RUNNING.  I hate opening Firefox only to realize that it has downloaded a new version and I have to wait for the install (which seems to be happening fairly often these days).  Searchable options and settings is nice too.  I do miss the the Firefox AwesomeBar, though.

I still keep Firefox around because Adblock+ still works much better on Firefox (especially for videos).  I know the internet runs on ads, but if they made it less annoying, maybe I wouldn't have to use it.  For example, I have it turned off in Gmail because I don't mind the ads there.

I was using Opera before Chrome came out and was amazed at how zippy it was, but then they had an update and it kept crashing on me and I haven't used it since.  I do use Opera Mini on my Android phone because of their compression.  Although, I still have to keep Dolphin around for sites that it has trouble with (can't change User Agent with Opera Mini).



I used to use Firefox, but I switched to Chrome, and I like it a lot better than Firefox. I didn't hate Firefox, but I switched over because I liked the look and feel of Chrome better, and I liked how Chrome had the option to sync bookmarks, themes, passwords, etc. between my computers (at the time, Firefox didn't have this feature built-in yet)



I use both actually. Firefox has all of my addons and Chromes address/search bar is just a litte strange for me. Still Chrome is faster for if I need to very quickly find something.



I have Chrome, Opera, and Firefox all installed on my desktop (Fedora 15) and I can't for the life of me find a really good use for Chrome, especially since Opera got ad-block.


If I need the full power of all the extensions, I turn to Firefox (it's extensions seem to "work" better than in Chrome somewhat) and if I need a quick, small browser, I use opera. Chrome just doesn't seem to do either or well enough for me to turn to it too often.


Though it may be that Chrome is just too "minimal" for my liking. I know it's suppose to be out of the way and everything, but I have my Firefox set up so that it still displays the search bar, address bar, all the menu options, and a couple of extension icons; and the only additional space it takes up is the tab bar, and that's only because Chrome puts the tabs on the window border (cheater).



I've used Firefox since version 1.  I've also got Chrome installed since early this year.  Chrome is OK, and it does seem to faster doing somethings, but I prefer Firefox for its themes and extensions.

One note about Chrome...  Angry Birds works flawlessly on it, but is very stuttery on Firefox.  I use Chrome for Angry Birds.



I feel like the new IE is faster than the new firefox now



Typo in the 3rd paragraph:

Chrome is rapidly gaining ground while users slowly slip away from Firefox and Chrome.



been using firefox since it was firebird no plans to change currently





I've been using Chrome for awhile now.  Firefox was annoying, constantly becoming bloated and it had severe memory issues. I use it now at Work because its development extensions is extensive, but Chrome is slowly seeing ports of Firefox's more popular extensions.  Still, I need an Accessibility Evaluator and the only one I have is from FF5 and I can't update FF or that extension will break.



Defected to Chrome (barely), but still have Firefox installed due to its larger collection of add-ons that come in handy for different situations.



On the desktop it's still firefox.  when Firefox started hanging randomly for a minute at a time, i paniced.  However,Chrome had not one equivalent for any of the extensions that i use in firefox.  Not. One.  I actually looked into IE9 and safari as replacements.  Thankfully I've seemed to solve the problem in Firefox.

Not that I don't like Chrome.  I have it on my laptop where a lightweight browser is a plus.



I've switched back and forth between FireFox and Chrome a few times and finally settled on Chrome.  Firefox has these garish colors that no matter how much tweaking, I can't tone down.  Also prefer the lean look of Chrome.



When it comes to desktop browsing, I'm still a Firefox fan, but I often find myself in situations where I need to open a second browser for some task or another (usually involving logging in as an online account other than my primary account), and when I do, I turn to Chrome/Chromium (Chrome on my Windows computer at work, Chromium on my Linux computer at home).

I will add that I started with Netscape 2.0 on Windows 3.11 and stuck with Netscape right up through 7.2, and only then did I switch to Firefox (version 0.7, if I remember correctly). I have never cared for IE.

But that is desktop use. I like Opera on my phone (Opera Mini on my last J2ME phone, Opera Mobile on my Android phone). I never had a problem with Opera on the desktop, but it never really impressed me, either. But their phone browsers are better than anything I have tried.



Been using Chrome since it first came out.  Never liked Firefox.  Always seemed bloated to me.  Always hated IE.  I acutally switched from Opera to Chrome.

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