Chrome OS Now Available as Download for VMWare



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I downloaded and tested Chrome OS, I have to say that I don't care for it.

 1) no logout...this annoyed me...

 2) it's just a browser, nothing else...your better off just using a Windows or GNU/Linux netbook and install the chrome browser to that...



Downloaded it and tested it with VMware Server.

It's interesting, but I'm not ready to switch to something like that yet, even on a netbook.  A lot of people are having problems logging into the apps because they don't have a Google Account.

I logged in with my Google Account and all it got me was one page with apps for things like Hulu, Youtube, Calculator, Notepad, etc.

Overall it's an interesting idea, but even a Live CD of Ubuntu or Fedora has way more features than this 'OS'.

 [edit - I'd stick with Windows Vista on a netbook over Chromium, but I'm a Vista fanboy]



It's the first time there's ever been ANY interesting reason to visit!



The implementation of Chrome as the program that pretty much does everything in Chrome OS reminds me of Konqueror in Linux with KDE, except to a larger (than necessary) extent.



Why oh why? I realize everyone wants a piece of the great american apple pie, but seriously, this pie is getting extremely stale. It's bad enough that cell companies are ramming google crap into your cell phone. Hell, now they have phones with print on the back saying "with Google", and now they want you to have an OS and soon a mobile OS to boot! Cloud computing is a dangerous game that I prefere not to play in the least. While it might be good for some aspects of day to day tasks, I still would prefer the legacy of having hard backups of what I need and want instead of relying on someone else to deliver it for me in digital form. If that digital delivery (the cloud) goes down for while or they accidentally have an outage that loses your data, your so SOL. Plus like I have said gets on my nerves. If you say "Google" three times fast at a party, count how many people tell you that you sound like an idiot.

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