Is Chrome OS An Impregnable Fortress? Not According to Trend Micro



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Trend Micro with their website are leaders in ati virus software for more than a few years so I don't have any doubt that what they say it's true. I'm using their product for a long time and I am very satisfied of the anti virus protection they offer.



     No control or privacy for the user and ultimate control and invasion of privacy for the corporations and government.  So you want to play a game?  To bad, you don't have the proper permissions to access that file(even though you do) So you want to access your files from anywhere?  Remember ftp?  This cloud convienience is going to come at a great cost that most users don't consider or care about until they are confronted with it.  You think @pple's invasion of users privacy is bad with their eulas and spying?  Wait until the cloud takes control.  Oh just like every other deletion of our liberties coming under some false pretense of it being beneficial so comes the cloud.  Beware!  the end(of open source, free software, inovation, access to all info) is near!



The concepts of cloud computing sounds cool for office computers, but currently there's little justification for personal applications.

Also, most of the actual implementations have been pretty lackluster, with little justification for using them over regular PC's.



Everyone is touting "cloud" computing, storage soon it will even make your coffee in the morning. :)

It is no different than the old "mainframe" where pc's were not powerful enough to host their own programs (now called apps), and also very expensive, so the mainframe hosted the programs and everyone used a terminal (cheaper computer) to access the mainframe.

With PC's being so powerful, who needs that? The 'sync' benifit can be had with a simple sync program and your own home pc/server. PC's are also cheap enough that everyone has more than one too! 

How much do you wanna bet that Google Chrome OS will NOT let you host your own files on your own PC rather than their "cloud", which gives you no control over your stuff, and lets someone else hold your files (insert all the negative ideas in the other posts here about someone else holding your files).

I like technology and the Chrome OS sounds interesting, but I want to host everything in-house SAFELY, without risking my files on someone else's PC.



Secure? I don't think so. Cloud computing is a bad idea. It will never be secure enough. By the way who is watching Google or Microsoft or anyone promoting the cloud?



Impregnable? No shuch thing. If is is made by man then man can break it.



Its almost like apple, say u dont need antivirus, till u get infected and what do u do now. Watch as u get the run around from vendor till it get so wide spread that action is force to be taken. Never like the idea of cloud, u want privacy, how is cloud going to do that when the admin, who isn't you, have full control. It only takes a rouge employee (wikileaks), net attack (PS3) and ur info is free for all to see.



You do the same thing that any mac user does with a rogue app.  Start their version of the task manager, stop the app, delete it from the start up items and throw the executable in the trash unlike windows where you are chasing down 30 million registry entries and restoring system level files that were over written because everybody has permission to do it by default.


Frank N Beenes

So true.  I love how I cant do much with a file that is "in use".  But some random app from the web has full access to do whatever it wants to my system.  Go Microsoft!  If they spent 1/10th the resources stopping Malware as they did spitting on their users with Genuine Advantage.  I am fairily convinced they do it on purpose for a myriad of reasons.



I agree 100%, and although I love Android and look forward to the Chrome OS, this is one thing about the whole idea of Chrome that I do not like as well.  At least with my PC or Mac, if my computer is infected I can take immediate action to make sure my information is not being shared or viewed by someone it wasn't meant to be shared doing something as simple as disabling my wifi adapter and scanning. 

I pretty much feel with Trend Micro on this.....what do you do when all your information is in the cloud?  Like you said, once you have the keys, you don't need the physical computer anymore.  This scares me the most about this "radical" idea of the Chrome OS, eve moreso than buying a PS3 atm lol.

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