Chrome OS Devices to Debut at Under $400



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Keith E. Whisman

What good is this thing if you don't have access to the Internet all the time? It's entirely cloud based so your screwed if you need it for something while on the road. That's why I think Cloud is for Desktops only. A netbook is designed for the ultimate in portability. Take it everywhere. You should not be limited to an Internet cafe or home.



I tested Chrome back when it was first available for developers (if you remember maximum pc posted a link to the Image) I hated it.  I'm much more satisfied using Ubuntu or Backtrack on my netbook while dual booting w7.


Keith E. Whisman

That god damn spam filter got me again.



This sounds kinda like the first netbooks. Open source OS (OSOS?), price dependant entirely on hardware. Then Mr. Microsoft stepped in, imposed hardware requirements and limitations. The netbook formfactor stagnated, and prices and hardware have remained more or less the same for the last three years.



What's interesting though, is that ChromeOS is free and Win7 isn't but the prices are about the same. They said the ChromeOS would make net/note books cheaper because it is open source and wouldn't have to pay MS for Win7's use. Clearly this isn't the case. I smell a dog in the area....

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