Chrome Hits 6% Share of Browser Market, Could Reach 10% this Year



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It's fast! 

It's clean!

It's more stable! 






And YES!


Go Chrome, kick IE's ass! 



I use it because it's every single thing you want in a browser. It's way faster than any other mainstream browser, it literally never crashes on me even on the "beta channel", it's by far the most secure browser because of true sandboxing, and the interface is exceptionally intuitive. 

At work, I have to run between 8-15 browser tabs. Each tab runs a web app which is the front end of three different virtual machines. That's between 24-45 individual JavaScript virtual machine front ends. Trying to run these tabs in Internet Explorer is just stupid, in Firefox is very slow and delayed, the Firefox interface turns into molasses. The only reasonable way to run all of the tabs at once is in Chrome. When running this many JavaScript programs at once, you really see the difference between Chrome and Firefox. It's the difference between barely usable to nearly instant performance. I haven't had Chrome crash on me in months, I can't remember the last time. The worst I've had is it lock up and having to open the Chrome task manager and kill the Flash plugin, at which point everything works perfectly again. And, correct me if I'm wrong, but as far as I know, at hacking competitions such as pwn2own and others, Chrome has NEVER been fully exploited. Hackers have found vulnerabilities in Chrome allowing them to execute code within Chrome without permission, but because Chrome is based around sandboxing, no programmer has ever successfully gotten admin control of a computer through Chrome. No other browser has this track record. And the tab location and simple interface of Chrome is perfect. Making the most of screen real-estate. And the address/search bar combination is heads and tails beyond the competition. In Chrome, maximum PC is only a "m-a-Enter" away, whereas in Firefox you must "m-a" scroll down to and then "Enter". It's lots of little things like this that are the reason Chrome is my browser of choice.    



I'll join the chorus and say I use Chrome because it's faster and more stable than Firefox. A couple weeks ago I finally upgraded FF to see what they had changed and I was terribly underwhelmed. It's incredibly sluggish and, while it's stable memory usage is a tiny bit less on average than that of Chrome, it leaks memory like crazy. I caught it eating in excess of 500MB multiple times in the week or so that I was using it. Once it had over a gig. No thanks, Mozilla. 



Yeah Firefox has been really pissing me off lately. Sluggish, and sometimes I have crashes related to Flash content somehow. The ONLY reason I still prefer Firefox is for NoScript. I really hope they can add a NoScript extension to Chrome some day. I also really wish Chrome had a master password for saved passwords. I don't like having to type in my passwords every single time, but I also do not like the fact that without a master password, anybody who gets access to my computer could log on to everything I have saved.



I use Chrome because of its speed, stability, and clean interface. It does everything I want it to do and it does so with style. I used to use Safari, but Safari's interface was sluggish and sometimes unwieldy. I'm satisfied with Chrome.



Definitely speed of Chrome!

Able to search from the address bar and gives me more screen real estate without the bottom bar and other toolbars.




I use Google Chrome because it's easy, fast as all tomorrow, and doesn't have all the added BS that all the other browsers have.  You can search directly from the URL bar, unlike IE.

Now if Chrome could use Google's Toolbar, then I would never even look at another browser. 



I use it in Ubuntu over Firefox now primarily because of the load time and the functional Google Voice plugin.



I use Chrome purely because it loads faster than Firefox.  There's supposedly other cool things about it, but it's irrelevant as far as I'm concerned.

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