Chrome Frame May Be Coming to a Firefox Browser Near You



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Isn't this about the same as ie tab for firefox?



Geez, do the dual interfaces take up enough of the screen? Why the hell would I want to use something that bulky?



It's just a mockup created for visual effect, it isn't actually what the plug-in will look like. They haven't created it yet so there aren't any screenshots.

Sorry for the confusion.

Jay Barry
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.....MS enough to use their browser, and to be honest I trust google even less.  There is entirely too much information collecting and selling....going on for my tastes.  Hell, I wouldn't be surprised to find out that Google turns out to be a department within one of our govts., agencies.  How's that for a conspriacy theory  :)


Take an OS, and edit out all the efficiency, and what you have left is a post-XP Microsoft operating system :)


Zachary K.

i still dont get why you need this! just install chrome!



This makes no sense.  I have been using Chrome browser for a couple of weeks now, and 2 sites did not render correctly in Chrome, but when I fired up Fire Fox they rendered OK.  One site was "fixed" in a couple of days, but it was Chrome that had the problem.  If they want an extension, why not use something like "Open in IE" only label it "Open in Chrome"?.  Open in IE works great for those few times that Fire Fox has a problem with a site.  

Oh, bye the way, I think I will return to Fire Fox.  The only plus Chrome has is that each tab has it's own process, and usually one tab won't hang the whole program.  I did have one case where I was downloading something and it hung, it also hung the entire Chrome browser and I had to kill Chrome to continue.  The thing I don't like about Chrome is the way it handles bookmarks.  I prefer to have them in my left pane.  I have a fairly large monitor (24 ") and have plenty of room for them there.  I hate to spelunk though the "Other bookmarks" folder each time I need something that is not in the bookmark bar.  Also, no extensions in Chrome yet.



I use firefox and have the IE tab add on. It works great when I come across sights that just don't function properly in firefox. I just right click the link and click "Open in IE tab." and I don't have to worry about opening up a whole other browser just to access the one page. There are plenty of pages that don't render correctly on firefox, but pretty much every page renders in IE, so its a good tool to have. However, I can't possibly imagine needing the same functionality for chrome. I can't think of a single site that you would NEED to have chrome just to view properly. However, I wouldn't doubt that in the future, all google services will require the use of chrome, or a chrome frame. Thats surely one way to force your browser on the world.

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