Chrome Forecasted to Steal Firefox Users, IE Slowly on the Decline



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I converted two people in the household I'm living at to switch to Chrome. One of them switched from IE to Chrome, and Chrome just put IE to shaame!  The other, I recommended Chrome on his old computer since it's slow and doesn't have a lot of RAM; though, the jump to it wasn't that noticable, especially since his computer tends to be kinda laggy anyway.  



Chrome runs like a tird and glitches out leaving artifcats randomly.  Until they can get the performance & stability up to the level that Firefox is at I will no be wasting my time with their horse in this race.



"Until they can get the performance & stability up to the level that Firefox is at I will no be wasting my time with their horse in this race."

 Performance wise, Chrome out does firefox... from my experience on my newer computers, and running them on sluggish computers, Chrome is nice and snappy.  Firefox takes "too" long to load when someone wants to quickly access the internet, for one thing. 



The memory leak issue is the single biggest gripe I have with Firefox.  Mozilla keeps bragging about how they've fixed em over and over again, but I see no evidence of the "fact".  It really pisses me off too, as my main rig only sports 2GB of DDR400Mhz RAM.  Even with Adobe's added "supposed" GPU-enhanced flash rendering, it still makes no difference.  I can tell you for a true fact that it does not work like that.  The GPU does not handle all the rendering, otherwise it'd be of no issue, since I am sporting a nice XFX 8800GT 512MB in my system.  I'm seriously debating Chrome now, since they have a newer, stable version out.  My CPU can handle a lot, but the memory leak issue is horrifying to me, even after I enable the pipelining via about:config.  I'm so sick of firefox, but some sites I use a lot do not support chrome yet.  Blah...



I won't switch as long as Google makes you put everything on the C: drive.  With FF, my cache and other files the broswer writes to often are located off my SSD and on a mechanical hard drive.



Opera's fine and dandy. 10.5 would add private browsing, so its almost perfect. 

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I was a big time Firefox user, but for months now, I've been using Chrome. It's so much faster both on startiing up as well as rendering. There's very few sites that require me to use IE and if it doesn't work in Chrome, I go with Firefox first to see if it works there. IE is a last resort for me.




I love FF but I'm considering making the jump to Chrome since FF seems to be having difficulty with certain tasks/web pages lately that Chrome can handle just fine.



I haven't quite switched to Chrome yet, but I am teetering on the line, and can easily fall that way any time now. I have been using FireFox for a very long time, and I think that has more to do with me not switching than anything. I think I am just waiting for a little more UI maturity in Chrome before I make the move.

But damn, is that spunky little browser FAST.



For in part the reasons below. 



Ever since the sable release of Chrome 4 came out, and now has extensions and bookmark sync, it won me over.  Long time FF user, but no more.



I like firefox, but chrome is gonna win this one, it's already faster than firefox, it looks like mozilla can't keep up, I just don't think they have the resources to compete effectively with google.

Plus we got internet explorer 9 with gpu driven enhancements on the horizon, should be a fun fight to watch though.

You can tell microsoft and mozilla are threatened by google, look at how they slammed google chrome frame, a great add on. 




thank you :)



Can't say I'm a huge fan of Chrome's interface, but now that it supports extensions, I'm willing to reconsider switching from Firefox as my day-to-day browser. That, and these memory leaks rub me the wrong way.

-Paul Lilly

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