Chrome Engineer Explains Near Billion Dollar Investment in Mozilla



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More competition is better for the consumer. The price is still ridiculously high. Support Firefox if you use it. No business, not even non-profits, run off air.



Everyone needs to have this much altruism.



I'm happy to keep Firefox around, because Chrome runs like arse on Fedora. I don't know if it just tries to page too much memory or what, but simply opening the thing causes any of my systems to start revving up like their trying to play Crysis using the processor.



I didn't notice that so much, but you're likely right. (Fedora is not my primary OS.)

Real Crypt (a rebranding of TrueCrypt) runs like crap on Fedora for me as well. I love Fedora and what it stands for, but sometimes it makes me want to stomp my computer into little tiny pieces and go live on the streets for a while.



It's actually  a pretty smart move. Firefox has a thriving and well developed community of developers writing extensions for them, some of which even become part of the core program. Chrome has extensions, but largely they are lack-luster, lacking diversity or originalty. this is the reason firefox hangs on, even though "chrome" is faster and IE has default market penetration.

So when Google invests in firefox, it keeps those FF developers happily porting their high-quality extensions out to Chrome, like Xmarks, Adblock Plus, and the like.

but that's just IMhO

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