Chrome Browser Share Rises Again, IE Still Falling



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Everyone that switches from IE to another browser knows what IE is meant for. It's the browser that you get other browsers with. That's it.

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The Creator of that



IE needs to bite the dust



I've been using Firefox since it was in 0.x beta and have been happy with it ever since.  I still use IE once in a while for those sites which just don't play nice with anything else.  I'm not going to jump on the Chrome bandwagon just because it's new and "cool".  Frankly, I don't trust Google any more than I do Microsoft.  Firefox does what I need it to do, and unless that changes I see no reason to switch.



Still love Firefox too much to ever leave it. I've heard that Chrome is gaining ground in the customization department, but I just don't trust Google for some reason.



I don't for some reason either.



I went from IE to Firefox to Safari to Chrome. For the moment, I'm very happy with Chrome for the speed, security, simplicity, and cleanliness. I very much appreciate it for those things.



Chrome has come a long way, especially when it started rolling out extentions.  I find it hard to go back to FF, and hell freezes over before I go to IE.  Even at work we can use FF so that shows why FF is where its at.


Chrome however still has issues where the web masters aren't all testing for proper rendering with it.  So I do still run into issues like that but it is a lot less often then it used to be.


It's safe to say, chrome will be at 50 percent share within 5 years.  FF 25, IE 25.  Google has way too much marketing power and publicity.  It took a no name organization 6 years to get to 25 percent.  Word of mouth is how its spread along with tech news stories.

 So yeah 5 years, I think chrome is giong to take over.  Especially once enterprise catches on.  I also think OEM's will push it since google will most likely pay them handsomely to put it on as default.  Once the average consumer gets familiar wtih it.  It's going to be a natural cycle just like the google search engine is now.  Also with support for all the major platforms, windows, linux, mac os just like FF has, its just going to further increase the share.  Keep in mind it just came out for mac os x not that long ago which may explain the faster uptake in market share recently.

I am so happy for the competition, what Microsoft did to the net by having a monopoly then not pushing any updates for years on end for IE is just infuriating.  Thanks to all these different browsers now the web has become a safer place, more productive and amazing.  All thanks to firefox, safari, chrome and even opera.


I hope we all can further educate the common folk so IE can be further pushed out of the dominate place.  It's still holding back the internet even at 60 percent share.



I still use IE for the sake of it being there and it works. FF is used as my second browser just incase I need it, but Chrome just kinda reminds me of a really old guy wearing pink hotpants. Seriously though, google is turning the way of the apple and there is nothing absolutely special about chrome to make me turn.



I'm not going to try to persuade you to stop using IE, as your choice of browser has absolutely no effect on me, but I am curious as to why you think Google is going the way of Apple. Google is about open source and giving cool shit away for free, and Apple is about charging premiums for proprietary nonsense. 



Most of thier software is open source, which is good for the consumer. But think about it a little. They want to move everything to the "cloud" environment (especially on netbooks using thier Chrome OS) which only uses thier proprietary software. You can't run MSO, AV, or anything of real usefulness. In order to use thier cloud services, you must be connected to the internet, use only thier software, and nothing can be used offline at any time. It might all be free, but free the way they want you to use it. That all to me isn't consumer friendly. Don't even get me started on



FF all the way, though I did give Chorme a try, but could not get past how it displayed web pages fonts. To blurry and not as sharp and crisp as FF or even IE. Got a headache after viewing web pages on Chrome after a while and switched back to FF.



Personally, I just love the layout of firefox.  That is why I still use it.  I go to about:config and set up some things to make it run faster and off I go.  I am just in no hurry to give google anymore control over my life.



I prefer the opensource nature, sure there might be a couple bugs and leaks, but Mozilla isn't getting paid, where as google makes billions. For me, I've stuck by Firefox since preV1, and I always will. Theres something about the spirit of pushing the envelope to push it, rather than to make money off of it.


Viva La Firefox!



Just throwing this out there, but the vast majority of Chrome is open source. The project is called Chromium.



After listening to one of the previous podcasts where Gordon vented a little bit about Firefox, I decided to give Chrome another shot (I used it once already but felt a bit disappointed due to the lack of add-ons).  So far I'm on the Chrome bandwagon and haven't really run into any "memory issues".  I'm hoping to find an easier way to browse for add-ons for this browser.  I can't be bothered with going through pages of some blog just to find an add-on I might like.

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Chrome is a great browser and I hope that Flock (the browser I used to use) starts using Chrome as their engine instead of Gecko/FF/Mozilla.



GH is the most memory hungry hog! Opened 4 tabs with some flash ads in GH eats much more memory then FF with 25 tabs!

I only use GH if need quick open a webpage, if FF not running, nothing more.



Chrome used more memory because every tab is it's own process running in it's own sandbox. So when one tab does from a poorly written page the whole browser doesn't die. It also adds a layer of security since it is ran in a sandbox. And honestly anyone with a modern pc has tons of ram to spare (despite the fact that you are wrong and FF has a memory leaking problem so if I leave it open it will start using more and more ram for no reason).

Live, Learn, and Shut the Fuck Up. 



You beat me to it =)

I used to use FF but switched to chrome  and have never turned back. I like being able to shut my tabs knowing that I will get all my memory back vs fire fox. 



 I'm a Chrome user 100%.  I haven't used any other browser ever since I tested out the latest release of Firefox and was unimpressed.  I used to love Firefox because it didn't annoy me like IE did, and it also had lots of cool addons and stuff; however, it was always rather slow.  Chrome is lightning fast and sports all of the addons that I used to use in Firefox, so I have moved completely over now.  Google really hit the spot with Chrome, and it deserves the one-quarter market share that I think it will achieve over the next few years.



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Since when is 0.7% considered a "steep decline"? That would be considered a marginal decline, hell it's probably just due to the margin of error.


Tristan Heitkemper

i liked firefox but now i love google chrome

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