Chrome Browser Lessens Gap with Firefox, IE



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This is a test and a comment. I have had problems printing Google Maps and Bing Maps driving instructions with my Cannon printer since last week (I think) using IE 9. For some reason the Print Spooler service stops. I just noticed today that I can't seem to post to Maximum PC either, an issue I had attributed to MPC's web site. I click preview and nothing happens! I am trying this with Chrom to see if it is another IE bug. Map instructions DO print with Chrome!... here we go...

IT WORKS! The save button appears, so I assume this will post using Chrome. And here I was blaming MPC!



Man, I would like to use Chrome but it has reduced the options to damn near          invisibil y. Where is the "Switch to it when opening a new tab"? How come the Firefox import bookmarks does not work? How come the mouse gestures do not work when on any Google option tab? Where the hell is the history button hidden (and why?)The list just keeps growing and g r o w i n g  . .  .



I like Chrome.



It really helps Chrome that it is by Google, a big big company.  Firefox, not so much.  Isn't exactly fair considering how Google can afford much more promotio0n than Mozilla ever can.  


I used to run only Firefox but I've found Chromium stabler and more enjoyable. The interface is jsut nicer.  Opening new tabs has a nice look.  ITs speedy.  Installing add-ons don't required restarting the browser, a big plus here.  Firefox feels mopre solid in a way I can't explain though..



I'm still rocking with Firefox and I don't plan to change my browser anytime soon.



I have 6 browsers. IE, Safari, RockMelt, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

I used to use Firefox until FF3.6, until I discovered Opera. Ever since Opera 10, I've never used and liked any other browser. I've customized it to my liking, and I even have more browsing space than Chrome. And now with Extensions support, it's even better. What I like most about it is it's speed despite running many tabs (running 20 right now, 9 are pinned, of those pinned, 7 are in a stack), and the built-in Opera Mail, and the fact that I can customize it any way I want.



I have used chrome since the first day it came out. I love it. I still try new versions of other browsers, but always end up back in the arms of chrome.



I used Chrome when it first came out, but soon became disillustioned with it as it matured. To me it seems rather slow, compared to Opera.



I have two major problems with Chrome :

1.On many websites, there is a white flash before loading the page. This drives me nuts and it's a known bug by Google but they don't seem to be in any hurry to fix it.

2.Chrome's extension support is...lacking.  It's not simply the number of extensions, it's the simplistic API for writing extensions. There are far too many limitations to what extenions can and can't do and I'm not a fan of forcing extenions to use web pages as interfaces; having to switch to another tab to configure an extension is simply not good interface design since it's disruptive to the workflow.  Firefox allows extensions to create their own GUIs using XUL.



I used to be a hardcore Firefox fiend, I tried Chrome when it first was released but it seemed to lack some features and didn't tend to work properly for many sites. Now that it has matured I am using Chrome 100%. Firefox 4 kind of turned me off of Firefox. 



I use Firefox. It has themes, personas, it's open-source, and it has many more add-ons than Chrome. But I still prefer Chrome over any other browser besides Firefox.



I have 4. Chorme, FireFox, IE, and Dragon.

But my standard for web browsing is Chrome (it just hits that niche between functionality and speed so well).

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