Choose Your Poison: Justin Long or Jerry Seinfeld as OS Pitchman



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...I guess they do, ..but mainly to Mac users. It makes them feel good about joining the temple of Steve Jobs. ...Those elitist zombies!

I think the Microsoft commercials are very funny. It's just silly humor. And it is working, because people are talking about the commercials. Positively or negatively, they are talking about them.

 But you have to admit, Justin Long makes for the perfect Mac user stereotype. That scraggly, abercrombie wearing, coffee house hopping yuppy that spends their time with their ipods surgically attached to their ears, texting on their iPhones while sipping cappuchino and hunched over their macbooks endlessly updating their blog on their facebook sites.

 argh, it makes me want to deflate the little tires on their hybrids!! 

  ......If you havent seen them yet, check out the Linux versions of the Mac commercial spoofs. They are great! They are on Youtube.




but how about putting that $300 million into putting out a WORKING OS???



Microsoft is famous for making announcements, then either not living up to them (Vista) or not even bringing them out (Vista's features) or bungle them alltogether (Games for Windows? Plays for sure?) So why are we getting worked up for the buzz around a marketing campaign featuring the retired Bill Gates and the anachronism Jerry Seinfeld? I guess they are targeting my in-laws to buy Mojave.



"We can all agree that the Mac commercials blasting all things PC (most
of which revolve around Microsoft's Vista OS) aren't always accurate"

 No, we can't agree on that.


Ha Rotto il Gamer

they have yet to be accurate.



Ship a product that works well..............forget the stupid campains and the millions spent on it, use the money to make a product that cannot be ridiculed. It won't save Vista, to me I see it as a stigmatized OS and that is almost impossible to overcome. Seinfeld won't change my mind.




The world is full of Kings and Queens who blind your eyes and steal your dreams................Black Sabbath~Heaven and Hell



Just more nonsense form Microsoft. Save the money and make your software better! PERIOD!

 and why on earth Jerry Seinfeld? this is utter idiotic publicity!

sorry just my 2 cents.

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