Chinese Netbook Deploys Via C7-M Processor



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This is the age of 64-bit computing, and despite VIA's well known and respected pedigree for power-conservation, it seems as if VIA refuses to admit that computing technology has changed from the 32-bit 2003 origins this chip springs from. Instead it relies on an obsolete chip design that Intel moved on from YEARS ago.

Not to mention the fact that this Netbook is running the most ignored version of Vista out there -- Vista Basic!  No Aero Glass, No Media Center, No Backup, No remote Desktop, No DVD burning, No HD capability for movie maker.

Skip this paperweight.  Your money is better spent on other netbooks that have EMBRACED, not SHUNNED, modern computing.




 Man 583.00 multiplied by 6.6 billion is what mister wier? Not part of your life if you choose to ignore this market. China is locked down, unless you play by their rules, you do not play!32, 64, hell,your are lucky.

If you were in China you would not be allowed to make that statement!

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