Chinese Media Takes on Anti-Google Sentiment



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The Chinese just have that kind of mentality, that China is the whole world.  It's not just Google, the Maoists would make a ridiculous blanket statement that have that they could do without rain if they decided that the clouds were against them. I say, good luck with that, Captain Censorship, we have some lovely parting gifts for you.  As the rest of the world globalizes and grows richer off free trade, if China decides that censoring their population is more important than keeping them fed, they'll soon wish they hadn't.  They're right in one respect -- the Western ideas of capitalism and democracy are dangerous.  The Maoists aren't just keeping down rice farmers from Pearl Buck's "The Good Earth" anymore.  They've opened the door to industrialization, trade, and, post-Deng Xaiopeng, capitalism.  You can't close that Pandora's box again, people.  The best they can hope for is to spin it and make their own style of capitalism and try to pretend it's something else.  Who knows, maybe they'll stumble onto something that could work for them, but not if they try to filter out the transmission of ideas.  Just my two cents worth...



I found this entire Chinese government propaganda thing hilarious. But it turns out they're serious.

Just for lols, my buddies and I navigated over to (the Chinese version of Google, of course) and we searched for "Tiananmen Square" ... It's amazing how censored the results really are.

Try it if you don't believe me. The results are all about the protests, the make no mention of protests.

I find it hilarious that the government thinks they can control free speech like that. 




"China's right"?  What right does a country have? None, any perceived rights are inhereted by it's populace.  If the PEOPLE of China want to be censored, fine, let them be. However, I doubt that is the case. So, really, the only "right" they are talking about is the "right" of the Chinese leadership to oppress the population.

That last comment was hilarious too, as if for Google to continue to succeed, they need China? This kind of propagandizing is typical of communist leaders. They probably even believe it. Thats the difference between communist and democratic leadership. They both lie and propagandize, but at least the democratic leadership doesn't believe their own horseshit... and they know many of us don't either.



 China *rassbarry* if mean old Goggle won't do what i say they can take their ball and go home Nyaaaa! ptttf!

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the last comment is not completely false, thou exagerated.


china have a population of 1.3 billion, 1/5 of total population on earth. and the number of home that have computer and internet is relatively high for a 3rd world country, and it's increasing fast. not mentioning the insane number of internet cafee around, so even a hobo can go online for 2 yen(roughly 25 cents) an hour.  so if google leave china, it's giving up 1/5 potential customers. 



Uh, but China was only 1.5% of Google's business last year, and has actively attacked/hacked them.  From a perspective of future liability, it makes sense to pull out. You can bet that if China hacks Google's algorithm, they won't hesitate to give it to their own search engines.



I believe that last sentence of the article was intended to mean that, as far as China is concerned, the business relationship between China and Google does not have a future (not that Google does not have a future at all without China).




Because this is China we are talking about.  The leaders of China really believe that Google has no future without China.  Even if they don't believe it, they are saying it.  The Chinese don't make grammatical mistakes in press releases.

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