China's Largest Search Engine Hacked by "Iranian Cyber Army"



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when I read this I almost fell out of my chair laughing xD

i'm 15 and I think its even stupid to hack something and replace the site with English saying the Iranian Cyber Army. 

they obviously like mustaches o.o 



Nice one script kiddies; but I'm sure the Chinese (or anyone else for that matter) are planning something more sinister behind the scene - and we the public wouldn't even know it.



DNS mabye! =)


 Check your DNS.
Scroll to the bottom and select “Initiate Standard DNS Spoofability Test”


It might be time to switch to Google or OpenDNS
Select the Nameservers tab > Add/Remove >
I remove everything. There’s way too much stuff in there. It’s a little
overwhelming for beginners. It’s easy to restore everything too. 
Select Add System’s Nameservers and type in the desired IP addresses.

Google DNS

Open DNS




Iran > Commies



Everyone seems to have a "script kiddie" comment when hacks happen. Must make you one of those 1337 h4x0r5 hm? Point is this - it happened. Move on, don't even give them the satisfaction of acknowledgement. That's what they're after. Once China tracks down who did it, that's when the real fun will start.



Mabey not as a hacker in that sense, but I am a security specialist who does freelance work securing servers and pentesting for businesses. And I haven't had a succesful single break in on any of my work yet.



You should revise your text and make sure everything is written properly, it would help make you look like you're not 15 years old.



I just don't see the purpose behind these attacks.  If they were actual talented hackers wouldn't they do something more useful, identity theft, or w/e.  Ransom personal info like that virginia medical records debacle



This is how these stupid little script kiddies work, they find an public exploit, mass seach for vulnerable sites and hack them all. They don't care what site they are hacking, they just hack whatever they possibly can using the exploits they downloaded. For some reason they think it gains them respect, but the public hates them for inconvenienceing them and all the real hackers laugh at them because these skid's actually think what they are doing is hacking, when it's not.

I mean, you can tell they didn't do it for any reason in particular, because it's the same canned deface page they use on every other site. I bet they didn't even know what they were hacking. 

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