China-Based GhostNet's Social Malware Attacks Exposed



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Yes, I hate the current Red Chinese gov't.  They're all a bunch of commie/nazi pigs & should be shot.  They're committing cultural genocide on Tibet & trying to wipe out the Uighurs, among other things.  They make cheap junk that people should'nt buy.  Let all work for their downfall!



why does all the problem always link to china?

is that me, or just the whole world think that way?

my computer indefected, chinese people did it,

my car borken down, chinese people did it

my investment is all gone, chinese did it

everything in the end is link to chinese people, why ?

is that becasue they have money? 

or is their comme system is working better than us now

or becuase our government doesn't like them so we have to blame them

let me tell you, chinese people are more friendly than us.

i can't said all of them are good, but in general they are friendly.

if there is THREAT i have to worry. i would have worry about our government  light up too many fires all over world. when we finally realize that, it's probably too late.



Wow, you really took that personal for some reason. It's not far fetched to believe the Chinese government would be spying on Tibetan people considering their 'friendly' history, or foreign entities for that matter. Hell, all governments probably do it but just don't get caught.

As for your car breaking down, it's also likely the parts where made in China or Mexico and simply assembled in the USA. So yeah, you might want to blame them for it.

And the economy, I haven't heard anybody blame the Chinese for that. Yet. I may start today because it sounds like fun.

Chinese people may be nice, but I consider any government that filters information a threat. It's not like the small town butcher over there is coding GhostNet in his free time. China has a history of stifling information flow to and from it's people.



So true. People blame china because 90% of the products you use are manufactured there, really look at your personal belongings, asian countries for the most part (Indonesia, China, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, India, Phillipines) because of the cheap production costs. It's cheaper to pay them less than what we would call acceptable, and then ship it into every other country that is considered prospect market. And since most north americans will blame ANYONE but themselves, they blame china. Real life example in many cases for me as an IT guy, you could show up somewhere, fix a pc, and leave, they then call back saying something is wrong on a different pc, that you didn't come in contact with, they still look to say "well, you were here, and then it wasn't working" well, in Europe, (according to my Swedish co-worker) it happens significantly less there.

I don't like Microsoft, I associate with it.

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