China Overtakes US In PC Sales And Shipments



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I believe that this is the reason for Google's stupid "real names" policy on Google+. To appease the Chinese government. "Do no evil", indeed.



So much positive news for China with no end in site. Remind me again, who won the cold war?



hmm as in cold war do you mean the U.S.S.R vs the U.S.A? Both sides have both sides of the story. Russia during the cold war had more tanks and soliders and what not militarily in the whole world combined(Red Army vs NATO) They were the first to laucnh a satalite and what not. But the U.S.A prevailed in the end.  Wonder what you meant with the cold war to do with China.



I have a Chinese Acer 4820tg notebook using Windows 7 and surfing the net on wi-fi. The price is more expensive than in the US. When I purchased memory from and compared it to, the former's was more expensive. For some reason, my own notebook was priced quite fairly in China.

OS options are the same and wi-fi is enabled on the few Chinese notebooks I've used. High Tech components are there, but they'll usually cost a premium or a bit more than in the US. You can compare prices on the US Newegg and China Newegg for comparison:  There are also Alienware computers but they're even more expensive than in the US. The biggest problem is the lack of custom computers in China (like an xoticpc or Falcon). The only one I found was Rabook in China.

I'm in Beijing, and there aren't any large problems with stable power.



A few ideas for expanding this article, or perhaps eventually even making for an entirely new article...

Wondering what the price for the average PC would be in China? Would consumers have options such as WiFi on a laptop? Operating system options?

Wondering if there were many differences in consumer levels of tech there; such as SSD availability, or perhaps quad core or even six core chips?

An interesting note. I'm sure that surge supressor (also including ups) sales are through the roof there. Outside of the major cities in China there are massive probems maintaining a stable power "enviroment".



Man you really are ignorant aren't you? I live in Pakistan and I can get SSDs and quad core SB chips for near US prices. These things are made in China and you are asking whether they are available there or not? How stupid can you get!



It was just a question: claim down.

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