China: Can Censor Results or Shut Down



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I fully agree with biceps idea.  First, Google should pull the plug,
and I mean all of the plug.  If they do so, I will buy some Google
stock, will switch from Firefox to Google, and support them in any way
possible.  Now understand that Google is ~ $600 a share, so this is not
without some risk.  If you do as biceps says, you are investing 6 large
here.  I would suggest you wait until Google has actually done the deed
and things have settled down.  Also, I would like to see Google, and
their very smart team start doing all they can to break the "Great
Firewall" of China.  It appears they are trying to mess with us, we
should mess with them.




lhatten, thanks for your comment and support.  I agree that you are looking at a sizeable investment if you purchase 10 shares (or even one share!).  I can afford to purchase 10 and will do so IF Google follows through on their promises.  The stock market is unpredicatable and fickle, so there is obviously risk involved in any stock purchase one makes.  I am not a financial expert (at least I am not YOUR financial expert, lol) and am not offering any type of financial advise or guideance, etc. 

My point below is, and remains to be this: Companies that do 'the right thing' instead of the most profitable thing are so few and far between that I feel it is critical Americans and all other freedom-loving people support them in their effort to stand up for a censorship-free world and for the privacy of their users.

To support Google, all you have to do is TELL them you support their efforts.  Send them a letter. Use their search engine, use Google Chrome and don't use the products of companies like Yahoo! that have shown through their own actions that they don't give a rat's ass about human rights if it gets in the way of market-share and the bottom line. If you care to, purchase Google stock so that you, too, can be financially invested in a company who has shown they really mean it when they say: "Do no evil".

Can you imagine the reaction on Wall Street if Google's stock price went UP on the day they pulled out of China in support of a censorship-free internet?  That would be something to put in the papers, and could even change the way American companies look at international business.



They'll just continue to use Baidu, like they already do. They don't even use the same torrent programs as us, they use the more advanced Xun Lei (Thunder). So I view the Google situation like that, the Chinese solution may actually be better anyway for them.

:edit: Just to note, the Chinese have a saying very similar to when we say "Google it." Their alteration is simple, they say, "Google-Baidu it." They search both engines at once for their results.


Zachary K.

i predict that google will flip china the bird and not only take down, but prevent china from accessing because properly filtering a serch engine is virtualy impossable.



I'm having a lot of trouble seeing the long term ramifications of Google pulling out of the market, from the Chinese POV anyway. From Google's point of view it's not a good future, assuming that the Chinese market continues to grow under a totalitarian governership. They stand to lose a large slice of what could be the largest internet pie around.

The question becomes, will the market thrive under totalitarian control? The Internet as we know it was devised to facilitate a free flow of information, that's one of the founding concepts from even it's earliest paranoid ultra classified military roots. Sure, the military didn't want outside people accessing their information, but they damn well wanted their own people to get what they needed, when they needed it.

So here's the crux as I see it... If google pulls out of the market, and ALL of Google's side industries follow... is that the first sign of collapse of the Chinese market? I mean, if Google says that their money isn't worth they crap they make you dance through to get it, will others follow suit? And if that's the case, does China then develop their own infrastructure that, presumably, ignores half the web or so? Or do they put up with the second and third rate systems provided by companies that, A) Don't care about human rights, and B) Are willing to accept the sort of attacks that Google is unwilling to deal with?

Either way you look at it, it's an uncertain future for what is supposed to be one of the great emerging markets of the new millennium.

Personally, as someone who uses a LOT of google's products and genuinely hope to use more in the future, I put my (nonvoting) vote behind their motto. Do No Evil. Censorship is a fundamental  evil. I'm not saying that there are not times when it should be employed, but I think that this is similar to the revolutionary cry of "No Taxation without Representation"... Censorship without some sort of public oversight and strict, publically agreed upon, guidelines is an *unacceptable* evil.

China is calling Google's Bluff... Here's hoping that Google is actually holding a made hand. 



 This really begs the question, how integrated is the internet? Google is way more than a search engine these days. If a company uses Google Docs, can it do business in China? How much of China's internet infrastucture will be compromised? Can any large group of people really pull the plug and walk away from the World Wide web?  This WILL be interesting.



May the wave begin.  What Yahoo! did several years ago, when they sold out one of their users to the Chinese government by providing their IP address was inexcusable and, I feel, anti-American.  The stand Google has taken against censorship - and more importantly, against the invasion of privacy of its users - is quite obviously the moral high ground.

We can hope that Google will follow through with its promise to move out of Chinese markets... I think they will - Google has a history of following through on their promises.

I would like to issue a challenge to those of you able to contribute.  IF Google pulls out of China over this censorship debate, purchase Google stock on the same day.  Switch to using Google as your main search engine if you don't already.  Use your actions to show that you support companies that support freedom of speech and oppose totalitarian governments.  I pledge to do the following:

-Purchase 10 shares of Google stock

-Make Google Search my only search engine for the forseeable future

-Remove Yahoo! toolbar from my brower(s)

-Send an email to Google to tell them why I support their actions.

Do you think this makes sense?






Im down.



To put it short: Agreed.

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