China Blocks Social Networks in Bid to Hide 1989 Tianamen Square Massacre Remembrance



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My wife and I are currently living and working  in China.  This is my second year and her third year here.  There are certainly frustrations and things that are different from back home.  But you gain perspective living in another culture for awhile.

 I use a variety of proxies and VPN software to get around the blocks here, Freegate, Ultrasurf, Psiphon, etc.  Its silly that some sites are blocked, but its not much more than an annoyance, you just startup the proxy.



Even though you were able to patch your way through China's censors, I'm pretty sure that they still monitor everyones internet activity and so you should be carefull and if you are able to google Tiananmen square, let me know what results came up.  It would be kind of interesting to find out. 



Geez...I am ashamed at the people commenting here.  China's government is a pathetic sham and they have successfully beaten their people down so that they refuse to revolt.  I am proud to see that MaxPC is sponosring a soft revolt by showing people how to bypass their BS laws. 




is that pic from the simpsons? if so, what episode is it from?       -Denis



This screen grab appears to be from Season 16's "Goo Goo Gai Pan" (March 13, 2005).


It's amazing how illogical a business built on binary logic can be.



I say down with all existing governments and make something that actually works. Quite obvious from the news of various sources that the world is going to shit good and proper.  This world is ruled by liars and thieves.



If only China put this kind of effort into stopping the billions of pirated works flowing from there faster than the backpeddled drivel from Limbaugh.



Who gives a shit. There government is so messed up.



I live in China currently.  You get quite a differnt perspective for a people and a culture once you actually live there for awhile.



China is messed up. Female infanticide. Oppressive and controlling government. China carries out huge offensives against religious peoples. People just disappear there. It's a sad country, and the rural areas are dishearteningly poor and have terrible standards of living. Lets not even start with the pollution. China is face and posture, a huge net of lies.

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