Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bags to Save Frequent Fliers Some Frustration



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Laptops can’t be X-rayed properly while still inside a laptop case and
have to be removed.

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Really appreciate this post. It’s hard to sort the good from the bad sometimes, but I think you’ve nailed it!

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It’s hard to find knowledgeable people on this topic, but you sound like you know what you’re talking about! Thanks

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so i'm looking at the skooba bag, and it's definitely NOT appealing. i read some articles earlier today about how there are bag companies that are claiming they've already got a checkpoint friendly bag. among them was incase and brenthaven. if comparing the bags, the incase sleeves with the brenthaven edges and this new skooba design, the brenthaven edges definitely take the cake. granted the skooba bag is a bit bulkier in design but it's definitely a sore to the eye. the incase sleeve is just too thin and doesn't do much in the protection area whereas the brenthaven edge is foam padded and thick all the way around, and it even opens up the same way the skooba bag does. best part is it's already on the market. i know because i got one as a gift a while back and couldn't be happier that it meets all the tsa regulations. all you do is zip zip zip and you've got a laptop that sits inside its case happily along with a complete full view of the laptop for xray scanning. here is a link to the edge:



The bigger problem than cases is the way that the gestapo opps I mean TSA is seizeing laptops and not returning them for weeks to months later. With no probable cause. What happened to the bit about no warrentless searches?



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Well, I don't like the fact that the TSA is so paranoid about laptops, 'cause I personally don't see them as being as big a hazard as they seem to think, but back to the topic at hand...

I flew back and forth between school on the East coast and home in the Midwest a few times this year.  Having to remove your laptop from the bag in addition to emptying pockets, removing shoes, etc. really is a hassle.  Plus, on the other end, you have to try to quickly put it back in the bag and zip up while other people are quickly getting frustrated waiting behind you.  Many security personal pitch those bins around with startling disregard for the potential sensitivity of the machine contained in it too.

Personally, I think $40-$100 might be worth it for someone who travels often enough.  I can easily see the traveled bussinessmen having no trouble shelling out a Benjamin for whatever the hell a corporate model is.  Heck, even at just a few times a year I think I could justify $40 for it.



I can't take my favorite Tag Heur lighters - and a cartier one - along when I travel without them being de-fueled.

Which really is so irritating as at times when I am very late for my flights - most of the times, the security guy insists on either de-fueling them or throwing them away when I am supposed to rush. I remember missing a flight when one of my collector edition Zippos was refused on the flight. I haven't taken a lighter along after that.



Great blog post. It’s useful information.

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That bag pictured in the article is a Titan X2 Flash 18" laptop case.  They sell online for just under $300 and have a retail price of just over $400.  As nice of a bag as it is, I certainly wouldn't spend that much on a laptop bag for traveling.



Bang on! There still are no images of the checkpoint friendly bags hence this random image. I would really spend anything close to $50 on such laptop cases as long as they fare well in the looks dept as well.

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