Check this Out: Nighttime Video Shot with Canon's EOS 1D MK IV



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Rather than Calling names like Fanboys or what have you, just take a look at what the differances are that they are talking about.

HD 1080P, that is something that Nikon can not do sparky(and what most of the artical is about and the image is a still from).  Yes for most everything else Nikon and Canon flagship models are the same. We won't mention that to go full rock and roll at a sports event that the nikon D3S is 12MP shoots cropped to something around 8MP images or that the canon 1D4 is 16MP @ a 1.3 crop rather than full frame. So compairing them is almost like apple to pears rather apples and oranges.  

Except one price, Nikon is $3000.00 on avrage more than the Canon. Most people with clear heads think of that like the apple tax only it is nikon.





You think the price gap in this range makes any difference?

If you're buying a new body in the $5K region you are buying it to fit your existing lenses or will be spending twice as much on some new quality glass.

The feature comparison is again, irrelevant. This isn't about which is better it's about the fact MPC should be covering all cameras. Especially when the entire subject of this blog is treated as some radical new feature, when it was pre-dated by a week on another camera which MPC didn't bother to report.



please correct me but you missed one of the major points by claiming it is illreverent and that Nikon did it last week.

Features are irreverent? I thought the article was about Canons shooting in Low light with HD 1080P Vid. News flash, Nikon still shoots in 720I. That was what the entire first paragraph was about. Learn to comprehend what you read. 

Point of fact, I listed the " features" to show that there is a lot of tech that is glossed over but I guess you would rather claim your camera brand is best, like religion and operating systems.  






Too bad Canon made 'em take it down...



Slightly less impressive by the fact the Nikon D3S did the same thing last week, but MPC didn't mention it. The D3S has ISO equivalents from 200 - 102,400.

And this is why MPC shouldn't be talking about digital cameras. Either be comprehensive or don't bother. Just because you favor Canon doesn't mean you shouldn't be talking about every other manfufacturer. The fact MPC don't is probably an indicator of how much MPC isn't qualified to talk about cameras in the first place.



Theres always gotta be a fan boy. I don't think this article has anything to do with nikon. In fact, this is not some sort of in depth camera review. This is general information for the general public. What it is saying is "Hey, for anyone who has ever tried to take a picture or shoot a film at night and got nothing but a grainy mess, look at what it could have been if you spend $5k on your camera." I am no camera expert, but I was amazed at the quality. And I for one don't mind an article like this every now and then to give me a break from the constant windows 7/kindle/firefox plugin barrage.



You see that?


The was the point you just missed.

Canon, Nikon, Hasselblad, Sony etc. makes no difference to me. I've used many and know pros who have favorites from all corners.

What does matter to me is if you want to talk about cameras, you talk about all cameras. If you want to talk about fanboys you are on the right site, because MPC only cover Canon under the guise of talking about "digital cameras."

So if this is your source for "general information"  then consider your knowledge of digital cameras non-existent, because MPC don't even come close to being general.



Nice shot.  But man, $5k for a camera body stings a bit.

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