Check Out iBuyPower's New Laser Case Engraving Service in Action



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I don't have it in my to buy a PC instead of build one, but it would be pretty damn awesome to have a giant wang on the side of my case.



This is a cool service. I hope they offer it by itself because honestly, you have to be dumb to buy form them at their inflated prices and questionable PUS tactics and pricing schemes.



This is pretty fucking cool.

I've had three iBuyPower PCs and they're alright.  The last PC I built for a friend, though, I had to use another company since iBuyPower wouldn't sell me a PC w/o a graphics card.  I already had an AMD Radeon 5870 lying around the house.

I'm guessing there's significant margin for iBuyPower on these cards, which is cool, since their gaming PCs are very affordable.

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