Check Out this Awesome Vending Machine with a 47-Inch Touchscreen



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This is really a great vending machine,I think.




Is this a vending machine. wow, very nice



vending machines are always good.. awesome post..



I found this vending machines really good. The most interesting feature i like about this machine is built in face recognition system to figure out the customer sex and age too. Great contribution by JR East Water Business Co., Omron Corp, and Fuji Electric Retail Systems Co. in the field of vending machine technology.



Quote: "@Biceps. It is just a different culture where they respect other people's property...".




Whoever said this thing sports an expensive LCD panel that could be smashed by an angry customer? It could also be designed to have a projector in the back of the machine projecting the image unto regular glass  on the front of the machine - like a DLP tv set. The touch could be utilized by way of cameras and/or sensors. And I could imagine these would'nt be placed in your average park shelter. Most likely in a mall setting where ads would be running while customers are walking by. And I've never seen a vandalized vending machine in any mall in my entire life. This concept is nothing new - just think the Redbox video rental machines.



This machine is designed for use in Japan.  Japan is a country where there is one vending maching for every 3 people.  Also, it is a country where people don't steal (really!), and there is very little graffiti and defacement of property.  I know, I lived there for several years.  This machine, however the display was set up, would most likely not be beat up, tipped over or vandalized in Japan.  Even the vending machines they have there now are pretty flimsy by our standards.

In Japanese vending machines you can buy hot soup, cold drinks, porno mags, batteries, even Sake or beer (and yes, cigarettes, too).  In the many years I lived in Tokyo, I never saw a machine tipped over, or even spray-painted. It is just a different culture where they respect other people's property and don't feel a contant need to pee on every tree like the teenagers in the US do.




It's got a net connection.  how long until it gets hacked and shows goatse on it?  or repeating clips of 2 girls 1 cup.



I was in vending for 20+ years and I wouldn't want one on any route I ran. The first time it didn't deliver and a customer kicked it or beat on it the screen is gone and probably cost $2000 to replace. It just wouldn't be cost effective in most parts of the world.



I know everyone will be hating on me for saying this, but can it run Crysis? lol



lol - A system that can run your games AND pump out some Mountain Dew!


Keith E. Whisman

My wife walks up to this machine and it properly displays tampons and mydol. I walk up to the machine and it displays a noose, cyanide capsules and a revolver for suicide to ensure success.


Lhot insert your money or debit card and don't get your product....will wiggling the machine make that Milkyway bar drop?



That is cool, but how mush is it to fix when it gets vandalized by a bunch of punks with nothing better to do?



Awesome. We need vending machines like that, xD. This is the kind of thing I imagined when I was a kid, or when I saw them in high-tech animes.

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