Cheaper RAM on the Horizon



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Prices have fluctuated more than just a few cents folks. I used to be able to get 4GB of DDR2 ram for about $40 bucks for my MSI K9A2 mobo, now it's floating around $100 bucks for name brand. When the prices come down I'll finally splurge for another 4 GB and a shiny new hexa-core cpu! Woo-hoo! Then it'll be time to build a new rig and confuse my girlfriend again!



Does there really have to be an announcement everytime Ram prices start to vary by a few cents?  I see this every week or so around here



I remember that too. The thing is the prices are raising and dropping all over the place. I think it might be because of the state of the economy at the moment.



Wasn't it just two weeks ago that you guys were reporting that RAM prices were set to increase DRAMatically? (heh I made a funny)

Prices rise and fall, but I am starting to think either you guys are reporting on every minor blip in the supply/demand, or that the DRAM market is more volitile than Rush Limbaugh.

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