Charter Communications to Rev Up Consumer Broadband to 60Mbps



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I live in the St Louis area. The other day I was watching the news and saw that Charter is going to file for Ch. 11 Bankruptcy on or before 01 April 2009. They missed a 74 millian dollar interest payment on 15 January 2009. All previously annouced upgrades have been put on hold until a re-structing of the company has been completed. So don't expect anything from Charter anytime soon.


On another note.... Charter released a statement the other day in regards to rumors circulating about the RIAA and bandwidth capping. It stated they will not be working with the RIAA, they feel it is a violation of it's cutomers privacy, and that they do not have any capps placed on bandwidth at this time and do not plan to put a cap on bandwidth usage.



Yeah speed like that would be pisser for small businesses and most likely if it was kept exculsive to business the bandwidth cap would be a lot higher.

I think they should put their effort towards expansion over speed



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Big Deal

Cable companies are increasing their download speed to the point where it's finally fast enough to be able to take advantage of sites like Netflix and companies that sell streamable full games...

but then they impose download caps that prevents you from taking advantage of them.



What is the upload speed?



Based on Comcast's 50Mbps DOCSIS 3.0 service, I'd look for about 5-6Mbps upload speed from Charter's 60Mbps service. We'll know for sure when it rolls out.


It's amazing how illogical a business built on binary logic can be.



I do not care if I could have the fastest download in the world, I want upload to be there too. What is the point of having a fast connection, if it takes 20 years to put a video online.



Not bad, good for guy called rich...



Out here in the middle of nowhere, I'm stuck at 256K, but that's better than where I was 6 months ago: 50K. I still can't stream You Tube videos, I have to let them load about half way before I play them.


The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.



I'm in Ottawa, Ontario.  Bell mailed me a nice ad earlier in the week stating "Internet is now faster" and then shows my address..  it then says that their 16mbps connection is available in select building such as mine, and only for $37.95/month for the first year (2 year contract required, 2nd year is $44.95/month).


 I call them up to get more detail... "oh we're sorry but your address only qualifies for our 1.5mbps dsl service for $27.95"(little do they know I have a 5mbps dsl connection for $18.95/month through their very own lines through Acanac)

 Through Rogers cable my lines will handle up to about 10mbps if I want to shell out $70/month... blech.



So...a company who couldn't service their accounts or keep their infastructure woking here in south florida ups the speed.


If your only tool is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail...



 In my business (video editing) that bandwidth would allow me to upload and/or stream some high quality previews rather quickly. When I'm under a deadline, every minute counts.

 Same is true for when I want to DL and watch a movie or tv show. :)



AFA my experiences... We tried FIOS. Loved it. But got rid of it within a month because Verizon's business practices. They are a horrible and manipulative company with the ol Lilly Tomlin "We don't care, we're the phone company" attitude. Just as an example, It took us 3 months, 12 phone calls to customer service, one call from a collection agency, a complaint to the BBB and a call from their legal resolution dept to get them to tell us that we didn't owe them anything after they charged us for an extra month of service after we cancelled (with cancellation verification letter in hand).

"There are some for whom the words 'never again' carry very strong meaning". - G'kar.


"There's no time like the future."



Cmon people?  50 mbs???  WHAT THE HELL DO YOU NEED THAT BANDWIDTH FOR!!!!!!!!!!!!  I am paying almost $80 a month for satellite, and trust me, that is a hell of a lot slower than ANY kind of cable/dsl.  The only thing slower is dial up, and it is by far the most expensive.  Why, CAUSE I CAN'T GET ANYTHING ELSE SINCE CABLE COMPANIES FIND IF MORE IMPORTANT TO MAKE THEIR EXISTING NETWORK 10MBS FASTER INSTEAD OF INCREASING THEIR CUSTOMER BASE!  Aww poo!!!! 



Big f**king whoop, how about expanding your network to people who can't get highspeed yet? How about people sound off about that



I have Comcast in South Jersey at 6 down 768k up.  If I was to buy a new modem I would get 8 down and be still stuck at 768k up.   Personally I hate comcast.  Their Customer support sucks and I got a call last week sayin I owe over 600 dollars and if I don't pay up right then I will be shut off.  I wound up cussing her out and tellin her to shut it ALL off.  Turns out she was a contract bill collector reading something that was 8 months old.  They never shut it off fortunately and there is no ETA on when FIOS will hit South Jersey.  It's in north jersey where all the thugs and crackheads are tho.  I want FIOS SO bad.  Last I heard it was 10 up and 10 down in North Jersey for the same price I'm paying Comcrap for what I have now.  Imagine the FServe I could run with that.



But the question is, is Charter participating in the RIAA's new plan? and is it capped?



We have 100mpbs in Canada now via Shaw Cable on Docsis 3.0. Rolling out more in the Western side over the next short while, mainly aimed at business'. 100up 5 down.



nice, probably expensive as hell, but nice



I have had their 16/2 service for quite awhile now, and I am happy with it.  I have never had a problem with upload speeds and while my download speeds were in the 10-12 range for about 4 months, they typically have been close to the 16 I have been paying for.

 I am not thrilled with the price in comparison to what I actually get.  I was on the 10/1 plan which was $25 less per month and I didn't notice much of a difference between then and now.  But I don't regret the upgrade at all.  

The new service will be $129.99 bundled with TV or phone service or $139.99 purchased seperately.  There will be NO capping which is nice.  Also, I ran Glasnost yesterday and Charter doesn't filter torrents. :-)

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