Charlie Sheen Launches "The MaSheen" App for iOS



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There's a common saying on forums: "Don't feed the trolls". A troll is usually a person who goes on a forum and posts something controversial or that's just incorrect in order to try to elicit a response out of the forum members. Trolls usually do this for attention, and if you ignore them they typically get bored and move on. Why we don't treat attention whores like Charlie Sheen with the same attitude is mind boggling. He makes inflammatory remarks and has a deplorable TV show to try to get a response, and every time someone writes an article about him or calls him a nutcase, he wins a little more inside. We all know there's something wrong with him and we all know he's a scum-bag. Let's leave it at that and move on. We really need to ignore and shun people like Sheen instead of allowing them to have the spotlight just because they're so insufferable.



Because he's a warlock!



Why can't he just die in a fire?

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