CES 2013: Zalman Keeps Its Cool with a Fanless Cooler [Video]



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Laptop Adapters...

A fanless cooler is really necessery for our computer or other electronic products!



Wow, that closed loop cooler is bad ass, certainly the nicest looking closed loop cooler I have seen.



While the sealed "all in one" liquid cooler looks interesting, when he says it will cool up to 400 watts, which sounds impressive but it leaves out the most important statistic...

It will cool up to 400 watts, to what temperature? The ability to cool a heat source is of course measured by how much heat is it able to counter, and simultaneously how much does it reduce that heat.

Also the hoses seem fairly short unless you're mounting it exactly as they have it in the video. Corsair's "H" series all in one coolers recently had an update/revision to provide LONGER and more flexible hoses precisely for that reason.

The "FX CUBE" is very interesting, but it's been done, both old and new... Currently there's the NoFan CR100A and CR95C, and passive cooling goes way on back even beyond the now aging Scythe OROCHI 1000 which is -capable- of running passive as well. Obviously they are not intended for a LGA1366 or 2011 chip, but on lesser wattage setups it is possible, particularly with good case ventilation and air-flow.

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