CES 2013: Razer's Project Fiona Gaming Tablet Concept Now a Real Thing



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Peanut Fox

I can't imagine who is all that interested in spending that kind of cash on something like this. If they're that into mobile gaming a Vita or 3DS seems much more sensible.

They would probably be better off just selling the controls on the side as a sort of dock for your tablet, and let it communicate through blue tooth.



I really wanted a better GPU and CPU (maybe Haswell when it comes out or Steamroller?) to max out Crysis 3, but oh well.



Wow... A THOUSAND dollars for a "gaming tablet?" - Talk about filling a niche no one asked to be filled...



Looks cool and interesting, although pricey. Can't wait to see a full hands-on review once this comes out. Wonder what the battery life would be? The camera seems a bit on the low end, and it has no rear camera, though not sure if that would be all that important. I like that you can dock it to your TV, or dock as a laptop as well as become your mobile gaming platform.


Peanut Fox

But at that point why stop at just a tablet? Why not just make it a smaller 11" gaming notebook?



IF that 640 LE is the Kepler part, it's not bad, and kind of cool if you want a gaming tablet. The problems i see:
Cost- STARTing at $1k and waiting months for the keyboard dock is hard to swallow.
Tablet Gaming- I'm not sure what kind of market there is for hardcore tablet gaming. I mean, laptop gaming is still a small percentage of PC gaming, and tablet gaming (again, hardcore, PC style) will be a fraction of that.

Conclusion: It's a solid niche product, like the Razer Blade, but I don't expect to ever see one in the wild.

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