CES 2013: Plextor Unveils M5M mSATA Solid State Drive for Ultrabooks



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What I would love to see is a micro form factor RAID 5 box, or add-in card, made specifically for mSATA SSDs. The idea of having 4 or 5 mSATA SSDs in a RAID array the size of the box an iPod Touch comes in blows my mind - and it should use Thunderbolt or LightPeak. for the interface.

Now that the Intel 7 Series will pass TRIM to SSDs in a RAID, it is feasible and practical.

If I want one, there must be lots of others out there who would love one too. Gordon? Paul? What say you? Let's all draft the spec, patent it and sue (to become millionaires) once someone builds and sells it!



Anyone here have a Plextor SSD? Been looking at their M5P series recently and have been considering buying one off the Egg. I know they're supposed to be quite reliable, which is really all I care about, given the similar performance of most SSDs today. After having my WD Black crap out on me a few months ago, I really don't feel like getting an unreliable SSD.

Any thoughts?



Probably one of the most reliable brands out there, as they have in-house firmware running an already reliable Marvell controller. The P series also has the 5 year warranty vs. the 3 years on the S series. I just put two 512GB M5P's in a ThinkServer TS130. Put them in RAID1 and installed Server 2012 Essentials, and boy is it blistering fast!

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