CES 2013: Nvidia Shield and Grid Impressions [Video]



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Wanna bet it doesn't sell well? Consumers tend to gravitate towards simple things, cool things, and things that provide functionality that other do not have. This is non of them, the attached screen is rather dim, and more of a hindrance than any other thing. It's also overly bulky, at lease from the video it looks bigger than a PSP. Which will make some hesitate before buying it.

To top it off, it's entering a market saturated with competitors, Microsoft,Nintendo,Sony, Android devices, Apple devices... If you want to see how it might play out, just look at how much the stock has declined after Nvidia announced this.

As for project grid, I think it's got promise, if positioned correctly towards casual gamers and those with computers lacking enough power. Hardcore gamers will hesitate before jumping onto a platform that could introduce probably several times the usual lag. But if they want to aim this at emerging markets that they're screwed. Countries such as China/India etc will either have a slow/low latency infrastructure, or will have a giant firewall that can artificially make things lag.

So yes, this is probably a hit or miss plan.



Shield - the ultimate PC gaming controller?

Just stop and think about it a second. PC gaming accessories include multitudes of enhanced keyboards, mice, and other controllers that add extra buttons to better enable quick actions/shortcuts on PC games. With the 5" touch screen on the Shield we have the ultimate programmable controller for high end PC video games.


Philippe Lemay

"Oh it's only a handheld that completely blows away every PSP, DS, and iPhone that has come before. In addition to being super competitive with most Androids as well. What's everyone getting so excited about?"

I mean... what's with these kinds of comments. Has the entire internet become totally jaded with tech gadgets already? This thing is freaking awesome! Exactly how awesome it winds up being will really depend on where the price-point falls... but man, even if they place it high it's a damned interesting product. And I like the big chunky look of it, maybe I just have big hands but I find all the other controllers are too small when I grip them. I actually liked the original Xbox controller.


Peanut Fox

Handhelds don't sell particularly well. Unless you're Nintendo, no one has been able to carve out an acceptable niche in that market. Sony came close with the PSP, but that fire seems to be going out.

What in this nVida device, and the company in general has it poised to conquered a market that seems to be shrinking?



Cool stuff.

So my son, who is a hardcore FPS gamer, will have a whole new bunch of game pad using people to beat up on.

He'll enjoy that.



That controller looks like a failed hybrid of a PS3 controller and a 360 controller, "failed" as it contains the worst of both.

A fighter with a D-pad like the 360's is a crime against thumbs. Typing this has been difficult as my thumbs have involuntarily cramped up as they remember the pain in playing Guilty Gear X2 #Reload on XBLA after discovering that the game then had only 360 D-pad support.

Microsoft refuses to fix their D-pad, but what is the excuse for this imitation's idiocy in following M$'s bad example with it?



MS had an excuse, Nintendo has held the rights to the D-Pad up until last year. MS made an attempt before that but it wasn't as good but a big improvement. Either way, next generation they might actually be able to put a good D-Pad on their controller.



Really? Because it seems to me that Sony has had a superior D-Pad on their systems since Day 1.

MS just doesn't care to improve their D-Pad, Street Fighters be damned.



As far as I've seen, the PS3 has the superior D-Pad amongst controllers. The spacing and the buttons themselves are much easier on my fingers for long bouts of fighters than the PS2s.

I remember a few year's back M$ had its "Major Nelson" hawking a new wireless 360 controller which had a modified d-pad that was a marginal improvement but they didn't go anywhere with it.



I agree, MK on PS3 is great because of the D pad but in my opinion, sucks on the 360.

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