CES 2013: Look Ma, AMD's 990FX DOES Have PCIe 3.0 Support! [Video]



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NOT AMD Chip....it is PLX Chip!

AMD is not Gen 3.....ASUS has added a PLX Technology PEX 8747 Gen 3 Switch/bridge chip to enable Gen 3. Smart idea....AMD should be promoting the idea to compete with Intel.



I guess I'll have to get a new motherboard down the line to gain access to PCIE3, when my need for it arises.

I don't want to end up with PCIE as I did with AGP back in the day concerning GPUs; I don't want to have my awesome GPU held back by a slow bus, especially if that bus is artificially slow, as it would be here. I have unfun memories of discovering that while my then-prebuilt PCs had an AGP slot, it was a 1/2 (or if I was lucky, 4)x slot, keeping me from maxing out the GPU.



what a surprise, too bad this wasn't a hidden gift for me with my first gen sabertooth 990fx. still... i bought that motherboard figuring that having dual 16x pci-e2 negates the need for pci-e3 but it would have been nice. this also means that we're not looking at a new chipset in the near future which is good.



Damn it Asus, that was one crap thing to do, now we have to buy a 150+ new motherboard if we want to get pcie 3.0 support.



Yeah, in 3-6 months from now intel will whip out PCI-e 4.0 capable hardware.



Ah yes, the elusive PCI-E 4.0 spec ... I bet they are going to pull it out of their arse, given that final specification hasn't been been formalised and isn't expected to be released for another couple of years (2015).

Intel only just introduced PCI-E 3.0 support with its Ivy Bridge line-up last summer.

As an Intel user I'm really disappointed to see mongoloids such as you giving the brand a bad name with your fanboism. Why don't you crawl back under your rock and STFU ?



Seriously AMD? You'd block us like that? :(



So it's there but you can't enable it, so you have to buy a new board. That's crap on the part of Asus.....

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