CES 2013: Lenovo Demonstrates Tabletop Computing and First Clover Trail Phone [Video]



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Hmm, don't know what to think here of the 27". On one hand you can finally do some serious work on a tablet this size, but it's too big to be carried around, which completely misses the point of being a tablet. Maybe a smaller factor? And the UI is laggy, as seen when the person attempts to drag a photo, and rotating the central thingy.

That's something I cannot stand, but considering the fact that most people type as slow as hell on a tablet compared to a keyboard, it shouldn't be a issue. Not sure if it's clover trail, or just lame OEM designs, probably some of both, as my previous netbook was definitely "not enough" for word processing, and even starting word made it crash, which is pretty bad considering it had 1GB of ram...


Bullwinkle J Moose

So, you want something a bit smaller but still have enough power to play crisis from a remote location, like Crisis on the can?

Something without the lag?

Something that can optimally compress and stream a live video feed without slowdowns from a powerful base computer or even a tower in the next room?

Yeah, well I had that idea years ago and even posted about it here as well as other places>


Just give it more time

It took Sony 5 years to turn my digital disk player design into a marketable product after all

They still can't work as fast as I think, but we are making progress



Anybody can think up a new product (how about a tablet with the thickness and weight of a piece of paper, with an 8K holographic display, a 1 month battery life, and the processing power of a supercomputer).

Engineering it and building it is a whole other story...

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