CES 2013: Intel Keynote Rife with Ultrabook and Smartphone Rhetoric



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Intel is in more danger than they realize. Arm is going in almost everything that isn't a desktop or laptop. I imagine that it's probably easier to write software and port it across ARM platforms that perform on par with the Atom processors. If intel wants to keep in the game they need to make processors in the smartphone and tablet market competing with ARM with a clear and rather large advantage. It may mean making the first few generations at a loss but at least it would make buying another processor unwise and attract the development community. The current strategy they are apples amongst oranges when they need to be steak covered in chocolate and bacon.



Odd watching the ways that things are going. X86 keeps scaling down into smartphones while ARM keeps pushing higher and higher. In ten years things could be completely switched, assuming intel doesn't come in and ruin everything.



So what does this mean for gaming? Not talking about gaming on tablets but laptops and desktops. Will they have new cpu's for them or will they continue to use the current Ivy Bridge?



There are still plenty of fast CPUs coming out but they don't get highlighted at events like this. 

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