CES 2013: Holy Eight Legged Spider, Samsung Unveils 8-Core Exynos 5 Octa Chip!



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I must REALLY be missing something. What are people doing with their phones that requires an 8 core processor? As long as my phone can make phone calls, text, email and pull up an occasional web page, I'm fine with that. I have a tablet for the "fun stuff"



Great. They're marketing this as an eight core phone. Now I'm goona have to pull a bulldozer and explain to all of my computer illiterate coworkers how it is effectively just a quad core.



Best guess is that they tried to convince people that it has 4 high power cores and still has some semblance of battery life. Nobody bit. Told them it had 8 cores and had a huge line to buy one.




They are definitely not making it easy to buy a phone. Even though, today's phones do everything I need, it always makes me feel like I am sacrificing something by not waiting another 3-6 months to get a phone upgrade.



I suppose, but mobile processors aren't exactly as general use as a desktop one. I mean, you're not encoding video, compiling code or folding proteins. Having the latest, bleeding-edge processor in your phone is not going to provide any truly substantial benefits.

I think battery life is far more important than faster processors. And I don't think we've seen any significant battery improvements at CES this year.



same here. I am hoping my phone can last another 6 months, til one of these new phones or phablets drop with either the Samsung or Qualcom new chip.



I'm in the same boat. I was planning on getting a new phone for the holidays, but now I'm waiting two or three more months for the new generation. I hope they come out soon!

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