CES 2013: Hands On Preview of the 4K Support in Gigabyte's Thunderbolt Boards [Video]



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Welcome to 2009, Intel...

This is incredibly unimpressive.



I have to agree, to my eyes this looks like crap, thanks to the bezels. Between the 2 vertical monitors on the right, I find the bezel gap much too jarring.

If 4 conventional "2k" displays can be stacked to create a "4k" display that companies who make their money off of graphics think is good enough to display their product, why haven't manufacturers slapped 4 1920*1080 displays together in a single bezel and put it to market long ago?

I'm tired of my monitor being trumped by a Retina display, and I'm also tired of my nigh-ancient smartphone's ~4" screen having 25% of the pixel count of my 23" 1080 monitor.

I really don't want to vote with my dollar to keep the $600-1000 "name brand" WQHD and the $400 South Korean knockoff WQHD "incumbents" in "office", but I really do want a main display where I can't see the pixels @ ~3' away...



My argument from the other day still stands. AMD and Nvidia have been able to do this for ages, the only reason it hasn't caught on is, as mentioned in the video, the bezels get in the way of everything, ruining your picture. This kind of group will not catch on for good until we see some *real* bezel-less monitors out there. It is nonetheless impressive that both major companies offer CPUs with integrated GPUs that can play games at 4K resolutions now.



Dozeman, the bezels at the edge of the screens are EXACTLY the reason I hate this tech. Get rid of the amazingly huge bezels (like, ya know, teblets, laptops, etc. do now), THEN I'll be willing to fork some money over (when I have it, LOL!)!



You and me both. I couldn't even afford tickets to CES this year, and I live in Vegas!

I actually took the bezels off of my monitors for awhile because they were bothering me so much. Looked like a hot mess, but it was better...

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