CES 2013: Dolby Demonstrates 4K Glassless 3D TV [Video]



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I always get a laugh out of these "glasses-free 3D stories." There are absolutely fundamental geometric problems with delivering two different images to a pair of human eyes. This is not something you can just throw more technology at and expect to improve. We simply have no inkling at all of how proper autostereoscopic 3D might be possible.

Even with glasses, there are intractable issues (depth-of-field and convergence, for starters) that may never be resolved. Watching the video interview with Dolby, it's obvious that the BEST they hope to accomplish is to deliver that same problematic experience to multiple 'sweet spots' around the living room. If there is a true glasses-free 3D solution, it simply does not lie on this path of improving a fundamentally broken approach. If it exists at all, it's several quantum leaps away, probably in some currently inaccessible direction. (Holography, maybe.)

Bottom line, in answer to your question: is 2013 the year of glasses-free 3D? The answer is: don't make me laugh!



If this tech is being announced now, as are the TV manufacturer's 2013 TV lineups, I think it's more likely we'll see this technology in 2014, at the earliest.

I also wasn't sure if the "4k" reference was regarding resolution or starting price for the lowest-end models. ;-)



*reads the headline* It's 4k. I want it.



3d is really only amazing in video games, makes it look much nicer and somehow removes the need for anti aliasing which i guess makes sense because the aliasing is different on each eye so they merge together and make 2x AA look like 16x AA. That part aside, having a greater sense of dept is great in some games including FPS where it can give you a slight edge when aiming.



I just don't get the 3D craze. Personally, I don't like watching 3D movies. I find it takes away from the movie, not adds to it.

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