CES 2013: An Up Close Look at the Razer Edge Tablet for Gamers [Video]



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Why couldn't they find a way to make the side controllers on the Gamepad tablet detachable? That way, the same tablet could be used as the PC table, the gaming tablet, and the console tablet.



I can't help but think that if they had waited just a little bit they could have released a substantially better device. Haswell seems perfect for this, even the integrated GT-3 graphics should best the 640m LE and Haswell is purported to have much lower power draw than Ivy bridge. Only 1 hour of gaming without the gamepad and 2 with it is pretty abysmal. Probably would have been able to make it thinner and lighter (or just add a bigger battery) by using Haswell too.



The idea of having gaming tablets is pretty cool, but the cost of entry is just too high. I personally would buy a 14" gaming laptop for about the same price. The gaming laptop would have a lot more CPU and GPU power than any gaming tablet.

Also, the author made a mistake. Intel Core i7 CPUs are all either quad-core or hexa-core architectures. So in this particular situation, you will pay $300 more for the Razer Edge Pro for a quad-core CPU that is also happens to be clocked at 200Mhz higher than the dual core CPU in the lower Razer Edge model. That makes a huge difference for those that are seriously considering buying either version. More and more games are being developed that take advantage of more than two thread processing states.



I was excited for this until I just learned via this article that the game pad will be sold separately at a whopping $250. I'd previously assumed that at least the more expensive Edge Pro would come with it.

To not come with any accessories at all, including one of the main devices that makes it a gaming tablet, and still charge $1000 at the minimum is asking a bit much.

That aside it still seems like a better buy than the Surface Pro, but $250 just for the game pad? At that price it should have an extended battery inside it like the keyboard accessory will have.

I hope it at least has a stand built in so you can easily prop it up and use your own controller.



If you compare the price of the Edge with the competitors I think you'd notice that, for what you get, Razer has priced the Edge around the same price as other tablets, but the Edge will be way better for gaming.

I'd agree that the accessories are a bit expensive, but overall I think the device looks great and it is something that is bringing innovation to the PC market.



A hybrid that fairly well justifies its price....Wow.

Cool little device.

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